Clean PC and laptop from dust

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Clean your PC and your laptop from dust. How to know that the time has come? The heat is very important for computers, laptops in particular. But in some circumstances the thermal electronics can run long and stable. With accumulation increases PC performance and power consumption. Try not to developers, but to use all the power without turning the heat to fail. It is necessary to dissipate excess heat, more powerful computer, and more.

Currently, the heat dissipation occurs mainly by air, although rarely used, and water.

Push the air flow through the system and, of course, arise and side effects such as dust. What is harmful?

Talk about what they can collect bacteria and infection and how it can affect health, there will not only look into the technical side of the issue.

First, dust prevents the passage of air circulation and cooling.

Secondly, consisting of dust of fur clothing fibers, dirt, and heat insulation. This reduces cooling efficiency, leading to high temperature and radioactive elements sometimes thermal breakdown.

Thirdly, the electrical conductivity of dust, what it is, and plug in a better way. This is risky for memory chips and motherboard chipset, and so on. N. settlement in radioactive elements, for the first time, causing various disorders, and in the end maybe reduced some parts the Council temporarily malfunction.

And laptops, due to limited space, even a small amount of dust compared to the computers hard, causing overheating. Laptop repair costs are much more expensive, so the purity of these devices must do especially watch and prevention at least 2 times a year, and even more often, if the room is dusty.

How to determine if your laptop or PC needs to be cleaned?

If you look closely, it is notable and external features: enhanced noise and temperature control facilities and increase the fan speed heating of housing program may hang, and the sudden power laptop or computer, particularly when the load on the central processing unit (the games, graphics programs and am). Moreover, become the only possible after some time, when the cool computer. If your computer becomes slow, it is also one of the signs of overheating, but not always.

Clean PC and laptop from dust

The software can keep track of dust marks or laptop. There are special programmes for monitoring the internal temperature check the system console device and give the results to the screen. For more information about advanced users temperatures can be found by going to BIOS settings.

Information on thermal behavior of various hardware (video card, CPU, motherboard, hard drives, power supply, and so on., etc.) you can find hardware manufacturers sites.

Now let’s talk about how to clean up your PC or laptop from dust?

The difficulty is that there is nothing but organized, and some of the skills and knowledge needed for the computer. If you are not subject to strict and jewelry almost entrust the best specialists in this procedure, take your laptop or computer to the Service Center.

And if you do decide to make cleaning a laptop or a computer yourself, here are some recommendations.

  • the computer must be disconnected from the mains (pull the plug), remove the side cover of the system unit, it is advisable to place the system unit on its side.
  • set up a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush and narrow head, and about 15-20 mm.
  •  switch the vacuum cleaner, dust brush, comb and packed carefully, without touching the Panel and plug, and build it. Sometimes, in order to remove the dust, it is necessary to remove the CPU cooler, remove the memory card, pull the plug, and remove the fans and so on. D.

If necessary to vacuum energy supply, must be able to be removed, disassembled, and after cleaning, reassemble and put in its place. So, first you need to set theory, before this procedure.

After completion of the cleaning procedure, make sure that all boards and links were in place and connect the wires, not to touch the fan.

Laptops are cleaned around also, but the challenge is how to take it apart without damaging mountain. So, first you need to find a diagram of disassembly of the laptop, and then start cleaning.

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