How to Clean Sea Shells

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How to Clean Sea Shells –¬†that washed up onshore may not have any living creatures in them, but they may still have the organic tissue , algae , seaweed and other matters to them that affect the look and smell you seashells .

materials Needed


Baby Oil

tools Required

polishing cloth

Pour 1 cup water and 1 cup of bleach in your bucket . Place shells in a bucket and soak them for one hour . Dual solution for a large number of sea shells .

Drain a bucket of sea shells left inside. Add the water and rinse thoroughly seashells .

Meeting each shell and brush with a toothbrush. Pay careful attention to the grooves on the outer shell and inside the shell . Scrub the shells thoroughly until all debris removed. Use a toothpick to trim any stubborn residue or sand.

Words of each enclosure on a towel and let them dry overnight.

Once dry, rub each shell with a polishing cloth until shiny .

To add extra shine sea shells , pour pea-sized amount of baby oil on each body and rub in with a towel . Be sure to wipe off any excess oil so that it does not leave an oily residue on any surfaces CERDOMUS Kyrah

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