How to clean stainless steel stove

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Clean stove is probably one of the things I hate most when doing kitchen cleaning, but after every meal is made she passes a cloth to clean. I would love to have that kind of courage, but here at home can’t live without those protectors of stove and when it comes to the weekend did I wipe everything. But if you have a stove with stainless top knows that if you’re not careful can stain, so here’s some tips for a better maintenance of your stove.

Take off the stove and make basic cleaning with a damp sponge and neutral SOAP.
If any grease or dirt resistant use detergent.
For heavier use baking soda with vinegar, scrub and then clean with a cloth.
If your top is with water stains, run with the help of a cloth a little alcohol.
To remove scratches with a cloth a bit of lighter fluid and then use a chamois for polishing.
In the case of stainless steel to be opaque and aged wash with laundry detergent.
To burnish the stainless parts rub flour.
Caution: never use steel sponge or abrasive sponges, as they leave particles that create stains on stainless steel, in addition to scratch too.

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