how do you clean the stove burner trays

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how do you clean the stove burner trays – Properly clean the burners in stoves : the rules , requirements and recommendations . Modern and folk remedies for washing. The concentration of the detergent solution.

Provided that, if your kitchen is worth electric cooker , disconnect it from the mains. This requirement is important to perform a cleansing of any appliances.

Before you clean the burners , it is better to wear rubber gloves on his hands . Skin of your hands will then be protected from exposure to chemicals of any detergents. You can buy them in specialty stores or departments of household chemicals.

Before cleaning the burners previously removed from their electric or gas stoves . Cleaning was carried out as pre- purchased at the store modern means to wash , and made ​​on the basis of well-known folk recipes solution.

If you make a clean modern detergent , then it should be diluted in hot water , keeping the ratio of 1:10. Burners lower in the resulting solution for 15-20 minutes . Then, by the kitchen sponge having an abrasive coating , carefully remove all dirt.

Remember: you can not use steel wool , as they can scratch the surface. Using a special brush or an old tooth brush to clean the gas burners channels . Then rinse them in warm water to remove any residual detergent composition , and dry with a cotton towel or cloth.

how do you clean the stove burner trays

People tested recipes can also help you to clean the burners . In a small saucepan , pour or ladle 2 tablespoons vinegar (9 % ), and 1 glass of chilled water . Bring to a boil this solution .

Then lower by 25-30 minutes to obtain funds burners . Soft , clean kitchen sponge products from dirt . Rinse burners clean with warm water and wipe dry with a cotton towel or napkin .

Vinegar in this recipe can be replaced with traditional baking soda. With it, you also effectively remove the scum and dirt.

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