Computer viruses protection and treatment

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It’s no secret how much trouble, sometimes providing computer viruses, I think that anyone with a computer to come across this. The computer that yesterday’s “ran” like a bee, suddenly starts to “delay”, throw some goats weird: it reboots, and then refuses to play movies and music, you don’t want to print, writing tablets, etc and that at best, and sometimes does not turn-black screen. The reason for all this is a very common virus that somehow with your, or your own, using penetrated into your computer.

That makes them, why, and for what purpose? For various reasons, as viruses: someone wants to assure him I made jokes, such as, here’s a look at how smart I am, how can I make some mischief. Someone wants to steal valuable information from other computers, spy, has not paid some of the Chief programmer for work and decided to punish him, but someone in this way encourages software and other products. As a result, all human action, and a tool to filter the accounts, but often suffer from everything.

What are computer viruses, so expect threats? Will problems arise that would not have to go online, and share information with friends, and open email, disks, if your computer is not protected enough, is not able to update the anti-virus database, and it is only a matter of time, a little, a couple of weeks to be overpowering and it stopped working properly or at all. So you need a computer anti-virus software as well as vaccination and men, of course, update.

One of the most reliable “viruses” Evgeny Kaspersky, proposed for the classification of computer viruses on the basis of:

  1.  habitats of the virus.
  2.  a destructive capabilities.
  3.  ways of infection.
  4.  algorithm for virus.

The first group includes the network and boot file (embedded in the boot sector) viruses.

Computer viruses protection and treatment

And II-non-hazardous (reduce available memory, creating audio, graphics and other effects), dangerous (can cause serious disruptions for PC), it is very dangerous (may result in the loss of programs or data), and satellite (to create EHE-satellite files files with a COM extension), and worms (shared across the network, and send copies of network address account).

III. resident (in memory, active until the computer turns off), non-resident (not infect the memory to be active for a limited time), and harmless (virtually no impact on the process, and reduce the available memory on the disk as a result of the distribution).

And fourth, algorithm-parasitic (change the contents of files or disk sectors), student (primal) and invisible Stealth viruses (interception of calls to files or DOS sectors affected and alternatives in non-contaminated areas), and Stealth viruses (do not have any permanent part of the law, it is difficult to be detected, the virus is encrypted main body), macro (not written in machine code, but the keyword, and lives in Word documents, rewriting itself in NORMAL.DOT).

Here are the main types of computer viruses. Now let’s consider the question of how to defend against them, and whether it would be possible to make a 100%.

When 100-not as viruses are pretty much now about 50,000, and every day there are more and more, but significantly reduce the likelihood of penetration is not possible, that it is necessary to develop antivirus software.

What is the best antivirus which is worse-it is difficult to judge. Depends largely on what the goals are, and work on the computer. If this is your home computer, and rarely go out to the Internet, don’t look for articles, free software, don’t visit questionable sites, there is a very important computer information, some antivirus version is completely free, for example avast.

If you are doing on your computer, some development, conduct financial transactions, and to make reports, etc., not skimpy and buy antivirus better: same avast Internet security, Kaspersky, Dr Web or any other professional version.

Some Dick 2-a and more antivirus on your computer. This, of course, better defense, but there is a defect-antivirus software requires a lot of resources, and will slow down your computer. Very strong “armor” to anything, it’s easier, in extreme cases, to reinstall the system from a backup with delay. A backup copy of important files that you need to do is imperative if anything not regret it so much.

Various viruses antivirus calculated using different algorithms, so useful to run your PC by your other antivirus, can you for once, and can be easily downloaded from the Internet for free.

If your antivirus software finds a virus, or cannot be removed, you can do the above treatment procedure, sometimes helps.

I would also add that the computer can slow down or fail, not only because of the virus, and there are other reasons. It has been described in this article.

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