Computer diagnostics car

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Computer diagnostics car – When a person buys a car, he usually waits and hopes to use for a long time. To do this, car manufacturers have developed sophisticated computer systems that keep the car in “check” and help in the work of all systems. When the indicator lights «check» this indicates faults in the car. And without a diagnostic tool in this case is not enough. After checking instrument technician (or you yourself) reveals the reason for its removal. Car computing system receives information from various sensors in the engine and configuration of these systems so the car can run smoothly.

It is this computer system also controls the «check» check engine. When there is a problem the computer can not fix it by yourself, it causes light indication. Diagnostic system also generates code that can be used to help identify the problem.

In order to make the process of connecting to the car diagnostic tool easier cars have diagnostic connector. Many cars have a common connector OBDII. This interface allows the device with supporting this protocol do diagnose virtually all makes and models of cars. To start the test, the scanner is inserted into the socket, mostly located on the side of the driver.

Computer diagnostics car


An example of automotive diagnostic code take P0131. Each section of this code refers to something specific. In the first part of the code refers to the transmission of P, B-to-body, C chassis and U «unknown». In the next section, the number, the manufacturer’s code. Often it is a generalized 0, but sometimes it can be 1. Next number relates to the problem. Each number from one to eight refers to another area.

For example, one issue relates to the air or fuel, from the circuit 2 to the nozzle problem, 7 or 8 and transmission problems. The last two digits in the code of a particular show in a localized area where the problem lies. These figures may vary depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Many diagnostic tools are very easy to handle, so every car owner can afford to buy it for self-study the intricacies of automotive diagnosis. One visit to the service to check a car at a price equal to the acquisition device can for personal use. It makes you wonder, maybe it’s worth to buy the device and do it all yourself?

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