Connecting the hot tub

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Connecting the hot tub

Connecting the hot tub is a relatively complicated work that requires special skills. Manufacturers are strongly recommended for this invite professionals. In any case, to be able to use a comfortable and very useful for the health of the hot tub , you need to strictly follow the recommendations for its installation, said in the statement. On this and will be discussed in this article.

Characteristics of the room for a hot bath

Connect with whirlpool bath is recommended in areas strictly meet the following requirements:

decorating the room must be completed ;
components and assemblies to the bath should be easily accessible so that you can implement without undue difficulty preventive warranty service and repair;
the room must be made eyeliner electric lines with the desired settings and installed grounding outlet ;
necessary to have sewer and water mains.

Connecting the hot tubs

Requirements when connected to a water supply

When connected to the water system must take into account some of the requirements :

Water pressure at work jacuzzi should be 4-5 atmospheres.
Since the water in domestic water systems characterized by the presence of various impurities , and whirlpool jets have a very high sensitivity to its qualitative composition , for its cleansing mounted filters .

When installing water-using devices must lie as close as possible to the water pipes . After the bath bowl set on legs, exhibit high level jacuzzi , using the adjusting screws . There is another option – installation of a bath is a special mounting frame .

Before you connect to the hot tub , it is necessary to drain installation , be sure given that the sewer pipe socket must be located more than 10 cm below the sink .

Connecting the hot tub

Wiring diagram with hot tubs installed on it mixer includes its fixed connection with the use of flexible water hoses , the length of which should provide a bias with respect to the bath walls more than 0.5 m.

Electrical connection

Hot tub is connected to the mains using the following rules :

Connecting the hot tub to electricity should be in accordance with the rules of technical operation of electrical equipment by a qualified electrician. The electric hot tub works at a voltage of 220 V ( voltage fluctuations can be ± 10%) and a frequency of 50 Hz.
When connecting bath set a special socket that has a cover place setting fork .

How to Change a Hot Tub Heater Element

Outlet in the bathroom is mounted on the wall at 30 cm from the floor and 50 cm from the side of the bathroom, the water did not get to it .
The power outlet is performed by a separate cable with double insulation , we recommend that section , 3×2 , 5 sqmm
To provide protection in case of overload voltage in a prominent place outside the bathroom set machine for up to 16 A and the RCD (the magnitude of the differential – 0.03 A). Provide protection from electric cable connecting the machine to the point of using a secure corrugated tube.

In order not to break the rules of safety , it is necessary to know how to hook up a hot tub , strictly observing caution :

Do not use a bath with socket without grounding
can not be made through the ground plumbing , heating and sanitation equipment
Do not perform maintenance hot tub if it is included in the network ,
Never operate a damaged bath at the cord and grounding faults .

Hot Tub Installation

Connection to the sewer

Connecting the hot tubs performed as follows:

Water drainage is stationary.
Use a sewer drain , having a diameter of 40-50 mm .
Output drain is carried out in accordance with the drawings . It is better if the sewer is built into the wall or floor tiles :
if overflow is mounted in the wall , the distance from the floor should not be greater than 2 cm,
use the output bore with a diameter of 40-50 mm drain ,
connection with the discharge sewage perform corrugated pipe , and if this is done using a rigid pipe , be sure to customize it to the place of connection .

Subject to compliance with all the requirements described your hot tub can easily serve its operational life . It is worth noting that if any part of the work , such as connecting the device to the mains , causing you difficulty or doubt, it is better to trust her professional masters.

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