Conservation of gasoline lawn mowers for winter

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Lawn mowers are a seasonal technique, used just a few months a year and only for one task-cutting grass. Some manufacturers still allow their use as a light garden vacuum cleaner for autumn cleaning and processing of the fallen foliage (in general, for this purpose any lawn mower with a grass-cutter is suitable), but directly on such possibility few Specifies. After the end of one season there is a sense to prepare for the next-preservation. The process though consists of a number of tasks, but takes a little time. Most of all it is necessary on lawn mowers with gasoline engines. Actually, and the main tasks for conservation belong to the motors.

The basic principles of conservation are the same for all engines. For any technique, one of the first tasks is cleaning surfaces. However, in the case of mowers full cleaning There is a resto hold at the end. And the start is just from the engine. Most gasoline lawn mowers are equipped with engines Briggs & Stratton, exceptions-or products of large companies, producing engines under their own brand, or inexpensive technology with engines not too well-known (usually third-party) brands .

The first thing to do is to drain the remaining fuel from the tank. Gasoline in prolonged storage spoils, and small motors are very sensitive to its quality. The recommended period of use of conventional gasoline-no more than a month. If you leave it in the tank for the winter, there may be problems with the launch of the spring. In addition, the residues of gasoline in the fuel line and carburetor can lead to the appearance of resinous deposits, which will then be difficult to remove.

The simplest way is to disconnect the tube from the tank to the carburetor and drain the tank “dry”. The remains of the carburetor is easiest to work out by running the engine, in a minute or another it will shut itself. There is an alternative option. Some companies, including Briggs & Stratton, offer stabilizing additives to fuel, when added it does not lose its qualities for two or three years.

Conservation of gasoline lawn mowers for winter

The next important point is the oil change. Generally speaking, all motors should be replaced by the formula “after so many hours of work or once a year”. For Briggs & Stratton the first replacement of engine oil is carried out in 5 – 8 hours, and further change it through every 50 hours. But lawn mowers, at least domestic, are rarely used with such intensity, so it is likely to change the oil every year. The more so that it is required a little: “average” engine of a lawn mower it is necessary approximately 0.6 L.

The question “What oil to fill” is a favorite topic for long debates on the Internet, refers to any technique with internal combustion engines. There are many opinions, and all of them are different. What’s even worse, sellers in stores also do not own such information and usually offer what is more expensive. In fact the answer is simple: it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are in the instruction to the technique or engine. It is not necessary to buy “better” than the manufacturer’s specified oil, especially if it is still to be changed once a year. It will be a bit of a good thing to buy: “Prove yourself” this oil simply does not have time. Many manufacturers, including Briggs & Stratton, offer oils under their own trademarks. This is the best option.

Before pouring of oil there is a rubber to distract on mentioned above «The first on account» operation-Full cleaning of the lawn mower. It’s very simple. Gasoline engine with filled fuel tank and oil crankcase can not be turned-liquid faceand. More precisely, any lawn mower can be turned either sideways or backward (with the support of the handle). But only “or-or”. As it is possible-usually it is written in the instruction, if this data is not present, it is necessary to look at the engine: it depends on the location of oil filler neck, fuel tank cover, air filter and other elements. It is clear, that if liquids are merged, there is nothing-it is possible to carry out thorough cleaning of the bottom part of a decka from a dirt and rests of a grass.

After cleaning the mower outside, you can clean or replace the air filter (1). As a filter can be a sheet foam, flat or rounded element of corrugated paper (sometimes with an additional foam insert)-different engines in different ways. After removing the filter, the housing should be cleaned from the inside of the Dust (2). To prolong the life of the filter itself it is necessary to blow it with the help of a compressor. It’s not going to get any worse.

The last important operation is the preservation of the cylinder liner and piston rings. For this purpose a candle (at the same rate its condition) and pour in a candle aperture several of motor oil (3). After wrapping the candle, without putting on the CAP, the manual starter several times crank the crankshaft.

Next, if the mower is stored on wheels, you can pour the new oil. If “for compactness” it is required to be stored or transported in a vertical position, the filling is better postponed until spring. It is best in this case to fix on the engine tag or sticker with a note about the absence of oil. It is not necessary to rely on memory here-for the winter will be forgotten, and the start without oil is forbidden. Most likely, however, to hold it and will not succeed-modern engines are equipped with a gauge of oil level. But if the sensor fails, the engine will fail after a few minutes of operation. Such breakage, by the way, is not considered as a guarantee case.

Finally, after installing the mower on the place of “wintering” (dry, preferably heated room) it should cover with some cover, so that it is less deposited dust. Actually, this is all, after the implementation of these recommendations about the mower can not remember until the beginning of the next season.

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