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construction of swimming pools details In the category Swimming Pools Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about construction of swimming pools details.

How to create a project for the construction of the pool. As it is necessary to choose the optimum design and material for finishing the bowl. To answer these questions , you must decide what qualities should a consumer future pool. Basically , you need to rely on the tightness of the pool , the fact that the water in the pool was a long time clean, durable coating on the bowl , the pool must have an attractive appearance, as well as reasonable and justifiable cost.

Any construction work begins with the preparatory phase. Preparatory phase includes the acquisition and transportation of construction material , which must be selected in accordance with the project of the future pool. At the time of concrete , wooden shields, which are collected from the boards will be necessary for the manufacture of molds. In this case fits perfectly pine, varnished or enamel paints , as well as primed linseed oil . Also need the metal mesh that will be used in reinforcing concrete . Implement waterproofing coating for the pool with the help of PVC film , PVC film , butyl rubber or plastic film . But the water pipes for the pool will be required at the time of laying of water supply or drain contaminated water and to clear excess water through the overflow . To determine the diameter of the pipes need to know the capacity of the pool. Therefore, if the pipes have a diameter of 40 millimeters , and are used in the system drain , they are highly susceptible to the risk of clogging.

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In order to more thoroughly acquainted with the construction of swimming pools can go to the site . Therefore, in this case it is better to choose a larger diameter pipe . Overflow system or draining the water in the pool will allow to use PVC sewer pipes, the diameter of which is designed to discharge large amounts of contaminated water. The foundation for future walls and bottom of the pool will be screened sand and cement. All these build materials are mixed in a certain ratio – 2:1. Therefore, to calculate the number of required components necessary to calculate and come out of this proportion. In addition to building a pool need coarse sand , crushed stone and gravel. These building materials are necessary for paving the bottom , in addition these components become excellent filter media. For lining the edges of the floor dug and dug swimming pools need to be tiles . The best option would be a tile with a rough surface , it is necessary to , leaving the pool , feet do not slip .

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But such constructions, which are made of steel rods , beams of various sections , channels , angles must be purchased on the basis of calculations of the size and future pool . It is also important and that all purchased design should have sufficient reserves estimated rigidity. For places that come into contact with water , it is necessary to use steel stainless steel construction . In some projects, pools provided even use sheet iron, which need to outline the pool deck , you can also use tinned steel or galvanized steel . Very often , in order to protect the pool water from all sorts of pollution using a solid thin film.

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