Cork floors are gaining popularity steadily

Cork floors are gaining popularity steadily In the category building materials and construction Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Cork floors are gaining popularity steadily.

Cork floors are gaining popularity steadily

In our time, the production of cork has been dealt with , not only in Portugal , but the fate of this country today, as before, more than 50 % of the world’s cork production . For the extraction of the raw materials for the production of cork trees are not cut down , of which only neatly trimmed bark . Before the first collection of cork tree must be aged between 20 and 25 years.

Then the bark can be collected with an interval of 9 to 10 years. Average life expectancy is cork oak 160 and more years concerning crop bark removed from them in the average about 15 times . In the production , the cork is used very efficiently , waste materials are reduced to a minimum. In the processing of a large number of granulated cork is what remains , for example, the production of wine stoppers . Cork is now widely used in construction as a non- thermal and sound insulator that can create vibration protection , as well as the processed material in the form of wall coverings and floor coverings .

The structure of this material is the large number of closed air bubbles of various sizes that are sufficiently close to each other and pressed cork impregnated material – suberin . That’s why these coatings have high thermal and sound insulation properties , own excellent shock-absorbing qualities. During the pressure on the floor, whether it be short-term impact of the heels , or rather long – from furniture , carpet , cork can be amortized and return to its original shape.

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The resilience of cork flooring has a beneficial effect on human health, namely on the musculoskeletal system . Cork is one of the best waterproof materials , because even as a result of direct exposure to moisture floor covering is able to preserve its original appearance.

Yet the benefits of cork flooring should include good power , resistance to any influences, such as erasing , strokes, the effects of different instruments and chemicals , moisture , cold , fire.

Cork flooring is not only convenient to use, but also for laying . You do not need to own any special skills . Read the detailed installation instructions can be both editions of building character and building on the forums in social networks. But before laying cork floor need some time to put the material in the room where it will be installed . The cork should acclimatize , get used to the new temperature and humidity.

What is the care for cork flooring ?

It is understood that the best care for any kind of sex – is to prevent their contamination. Clearly , dirt, usually into the house from the street, but it is almost impossible to avoid . But still out there – you just need to buy a small rug, which will be located in front of the house . This will help to avoid the appearance of not only dirt on the floor, but small scratches . Cork floors are also in need of proper operation . First of all, you need to avoid hitting the floor excess moisture. It is not necessary to let the water for a long time was on the panel joints of the coating .

Moisture that fell on the floor , it should be removed immediately . Dry floor cleaning should be carried out not wet , just slightly damp sponge. Also, in the process , you can use a variety of detergents. They are able to maintain the beauty of cork floor , will give a special shine to it for a long time and protect it from dirt and moisture. In the cold season when the heating changes the humidity in the house. It may be reduced so that the floor will start to shrink . To avoid this process , it is necessary to use a room humidifier air . And the plug is not changed color , you can simply use your home blinds or curtains .

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