Decorate a home with nautical style

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The nautical style is also known as decorated marine or navy. Its fresh colours and a variety of accessories that are hand make it perfect to decorate a holiday home wax from the coast, hotels or other residences dedicated to tourism. But who likes can apply it at home, wherever you are.


Nautical style is also special for children’s and youth rooms. Usually when you decorate a room of these characteristics is chosen a special theme, and what better than boats, the stories of sailors and pirates for children. But leaving the child, gives style to decorate all rooms with suitable accessories.

Colors of nautical style

Something very important to highlight are the colors that are used. The blue and white are always needed, you can join them in red, yellow, green or beige. It is good to use the wide palette of tones of blue, very space and relaxing colors for a warm climate as a Beach House.

For walls always colors as the white and the blue, blue in some cases only to highlight a wall. Intense and darker colors are preferred in the upholstery, fabrics and accessories.

Fabrics and furniture

Something that stands out in the seafaring decoration are fringes or streaks. These appear much in the scenery, and it is the sofa upholstery, pads or any carpet where we can include them. The stripes tend to be wide blue or red hues combined with white.

For shades lighter fabrics, blank, allowing the passage of light favouring to interior lighting during the day. You can have any edge or detail line in blue to integrate the set.

They sit you fine rustic furniture, clear or dark wood, which make a perfect game with fabrics that we mentioned previously. Or well with rustic furniture painted white.

Decorate a home with nautical style

Decorative accessories

And for complete details and accessories that complete the decorative idea and that will reflect more or less style, depending on what you want. Miniature boats, starfish and sea shells, knots of rope, rudders, fish, lighthouses, oars, life, anchors may be used. All these elements are included in paintings, prints, replica in miniature or simply reflected in other functional objects containing its form.

It is not necessary to overwhelm with add-ins, rather to include colors, used furniture, rustic shelves, and moderately include some elements that suggest decor marinera, best appropriate and fair as elements.

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