decorating ideas for christmas

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decorating ideas for christmas – the concept is very extensive, because complexity and the complexity of the process in his works are directly dependent on the type of building, the quality of finishing works of the original , as well as the conditions in which the building is operated .

Normal redecorating implies the restoration of the normal state once the residential or office space, where not included replacement of finishes . In this work package includes: taping room wallpaper, painting ceilings , windows, doors , baseboards, trims , polishing parquet floor , flooring coatings.

First need to free space on the furniture. Tu furniture that render impossible the best group in the center of the room under the film . Floor covering when not scheduled to be replaced , covered to prevent contamination. Does not prevent sticking to the baseboards protective film. They dismantled only in case of replacement or floor , or themselves. From sockets and switches removed all protective and decorative borders , themselves switches and sockets are sealed using masking tape . Electrical circuit before this work must be disconnected .

To prepare the ceilings and walls you want to remove existing coatings . Enamel and water- emulsion paint wash impossible, they removed a steel trowel in areas where the old paint peeled off . Enamel , moreover, subject to further processing and sandpaper , it is necessary to ensure that the wall surface was sufficiently rough. Whitewash washed up putty. This operation is quite time-consuming , but it depends on how fast the new coating will be engaged with the base. Wallpaper from the walls and remove easy. Loose pieces torn off ” to dry” , but the fact that the wall is held firmly need to moisten with water and remove with a spatula . Wallpapers like ” triplex” removed easily after they have only a thin layer of paper. Flat wall at this layer is better not to remove, new wallpaper glued to it well .

decorating ideas for christmas

After the dismantling of previous coatings requires removal of defects ceiling and walls. Loose fragments removed plaster , cracks for good penetration putty embroider . Then, the data to be processed surface primer composition. The primer should dry well , then requires various potholes repaired plaster solution . Then embedded sections primed again . Thereafter, a surface aligned filler ( a layer no more than 2 mm ) finally . Optionally, apply more filler thickness, it is applied in several layers. Applying each subsequent should only be done only after complete drying of the previous one. Large cracks in the ceiling plaster glued additional special fiberglass.

Then you can begin to close finish ceiling and walls. Modern technology offers many different options for ceiling coverings . When you wish to obtain a complex configuration ceiling in different planes is better to choose the suspended ceiling . He made ​​of an elastic film on the basis of a durable vinyl. These ceilings are presented in a large variety of designer that provides a great opportunity for fantasy. Selected based on the suspended ceiling of the desired lighting effect . For installation of the ceiling must perform metering facilities . Further along the perimeter fastening profile made ​​, to final installation of fixtures attached corresponding rack. Cloth warmed with a heat gun , pulled into the mounting profile on the perimeter and secured with special devices .

When installing suspended ceilings engineering systems are hidden underneath, but available in case of need , they can be easily integrated modular lighting devices . Such a system is useful for repair : a damaged module can be easily replaced by another , bypassing the dismantling of the framework. Suspended ceiling – the best way to align the base ceiling , or else to create different levels of it .

Walls can be finished today as more than one way . The most common way is considered to be wall-paper . The market offers a variety of them from traditional to silk . Considerable interest paintable wallpaper . First, they are glued to the wall, then completely dry , and then are painted with a roller . In most cases, paint wallpaper vinyl or fiberglass . ” Danish plaster ” called liquid wallpaper , which are dry material resembling outwardly chips . This wallpaper is diluted with water and applied with a roller on a wall. Durable and beautiful wood trim . Here apply groovy rack . Technology for their installation is simple: one projection rack comes in a groove on the other. For the walls are used as decorative panels .

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