Decorating the walls of cork flooring , photos, videos

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Decorating the walls of cork flooring , photos, videos РInstalling cork wall coverings as well as the installation of floor coverings of cork , is not difficult , even for the layman and held for several hours depending on the size of the room. Before installation, the coating surface of the walls should be checked for defects , the substrate must be dry and smooth and , if necessary,  the extracted cork plate should lie down and get used to the temperature regime in the room for a few days.

If the cover is painted , it should be treated with sandpaper roughness might deliver for better adhesion with the adhesive composition , and if the walls are covered with whitewash or otherwise grinding composition , they should be primed deep penetration.

Choose adhesive composition

Choice of adhesive depends on the installation method coverage , which is commonly used universal acrylic or more reliable contact adhesive . Immediately before installation , using a tape measure and spirit level , mark the center of the surface , which are drawn two symmetrical axis employees starting point mounting. Next select the best position relative to the axis , there is the position of the first tile , then the adhesive is applied to a thin layer on the surface with a spatula .

Establishing a first plate between the two axes , select the final location and fix it on the wall to the setting of the adhesive composition, and a rubber mallet after the wreck . After gluing the first tile adhesive is applied close to the same surface area , but remember that the first row is laid along the axis from the center to the edges, and then just covered the remaining walls . Usually drying glue lasts about half an hour, but the time may vary depending on temperature and humidity.

Care cork flooring

Maybe not exactly holding styling  or type of brickwork , this method is preferable, since it is not conspicuous unevenness vertical joints , but more importantly, to a method of laying cork plates was elected to the commencement of works. Care cork flooring is as simple and requires timely cleaning with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner , grease easily removed with special mild detergent and complex contaminants are removed with fine-grain sandpaper followed by varnishing or waxing .

cork wallpaper

Cork wallpaper on paper have a number of great qualities :
– Natural ( it is composed of only natural materials );
– Practical ( easy to clean );
– Fire resistance ( do not burn and do not emit harmful substances to humans );
– Antistatic (not attract dust , not electrified );
– Anti-condensation properties ( does not appear rot and mold) ;
– Diversity ( wide selection of colors and textures ) .

heart shaped wall decoration from recycled wine corks

Cork wallpaper operate as a decorative function , and many other tasks : protection against noise , moisture, harmful radiation . Cork does not attract dust and do not miss the heat in the house . Density cork wallpaper can hide small imperfections and defects in the walls .

Cork wallpaper suit any interior design and make your accommodation comfortable and beautiful . Wallpapers of cork used in different areas. Due to the fact that the plug has good properties , it is used for interior decoration. In homes and apartments cork wallpaper individuality and create a special flavor of a natural coating.

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