Decorative Interior painting

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Decorative Interior painting can give surfaces a more differentiated than common paint look. Decorative painting offers unlimited possibilities to modify and customize your home. In addition to choosing and mixing colors, you will have to order them in forms on its surface. Take her hand to the management of materials and equipment is part of the pleasure of decorating.

Decisions about color will always require a moment of reflection. Can you choose a certain color since it brings memories, or for cultural reasons, or simply because it is relaxing. There is no doubt that the best way to do this is with practice.

These choices are very personal, only you can make them. Some designs can be placed both on walls as flats through templates and stamps, or painting guards. Some classic designs can also be adapted to more modern designs. The wall that will work must be prepared and white.

Techniques for decorating to painting

These are excellent ways to control where the painting is going, as well as to cover the entire surface quickly. Make that always look at other interiors, textiles, fabrics, and paintings, and guided with those who you like.

Blue with green, for example, is an acceptable combination. You can find information about the theory of colors, but understand the spectrum and how to mix won’t help much to choose the colors you use, while it may serve to explain why a particular combination behaves that way.

Decorative Interior painting

Here are ways to apply and manipulate the paint to create a range of texture on the surface. The end result will always have a quality that can’t be matched by any wallpaper.


Planning and tips for painting exteriors

Then, it’s time to paint the exterior of your home. This, of course, is one of the most expensive works which leads to owning a home, and that should be performed every 6-8 years, depending on your home and finish.

Here are some useful tips to help you with the process:

First, determine if you have to do some preparatory work before painting. Do you have any finish, frame window, railings or moldings for doors and windows in poor condition? Be sure to take this opportunity to correct this problem before painting. In general, painting companies know about these things and can provide you with a fee that includes replacing its coatings and moldings. Anyway, if your project involves replacing a significant amount of coating, may want to call a professional in coatings. Make sure that the painter or Carpenter that is going to replace their cladding use the same style and design.

Second, decide if you want to take this opportunity to change the color of your House. Renew the color can give you a new touch to your home. To determine which colors to use, check to make sure that they combine with the colors of the neighborhood. For example, keep in mind your ceiling, plants, landscape, Foundation and driveway. All these have colors that have to be taken into consideration when trying to complement your home surrounding. Also note that if this by changing the color of your House, the price for paint it, will increase. You can to not reach you with 1 or 2 layers to cover its previous color. Each layer will leave you more money.

Third, decide if you want that your House is painted with a brush. If you leave the paint company to decide, Anyway if you have an older House, a wood finish, or if much time has passed since the last time I paint it, consider asking a budget that includes paint by hand. Paint by hand will give you a thicker layer and paint is more deeply inserted wood and scream, making sure to protect it from water penetration. Keep in mind that paint by hand is more time consuming and will come out more expensive.

Finally, choose the company of painting that wants to do the work. There is a great variation of prices for outside work, so look for good. Anyway, you not only must decide based on price. You have to consider the quality of the company and that so comfortable you feel with the same. For example would ask you a lot of money in advance? (not should ask more than one-third of the total price) would leave you a professional and detailed budget? (should) is difficult to contact? (if they do not answer the phone or return your calls, be careful) do have business cards? (if you have a good business, they should have them) These are signs that you have to search to determine if the person that you will hire is professional and that is easy to work with her.

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