Styling sports linoleum

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What is the peculiarity of sports linoleum?

As you know, this sports coating has the optimal set of performance, thanks to which it is widely used in the equipment of gyms in schools, children’s institutions and sports clubs.

Styling sports linoleum

High elasticity, injury and durability are the result of the layering of this coating. For example, foamed polyvinyl chloride is used as a substrate base, the thickness of which determines the elastic characteristics of the material. In addition, the stability of size and strength are provided by applying a reinforced mesh. And the surface layer of wear-resistant PVC carries the main operational load and gives a decorative look to linoleum. The combination of materials of different density is determined by the technology of styling sports linoleum.

How to choose sports linoleum?

To choose the right linoleum, you need to consider several important parameters before starting work. In particular:

The purpose of the hall
Visitor contingent;
The dimensions of the room;
frequency of cleaning.
Styling sports linoleum: stages
So, start the installation of sports linoleum with evaluation and training base. In turn, this implies the execution of a concrete screed, or alignment with solutions followed by a primer. Sports linoleum is stacked in a glue way, which includes the following operations:

cut linoleum and its hatching;
Applying special glue all over the floor surface;
Linoleum flooring;
mooring seams;
fixing the coating with skirting boards, self-cutters.

As a result, competent implementation of all technological regulations on the preparation of the base and linoleum, the use of only proven materials and components guarantees the aesthetic appearance and strength of the sports floor. Of course, the necessary knowledge, experience of our employees, a modern tool allow you to competently perform the entire cycle of installation. Otherwise, even the most expensive and high-quality linoleum will quickly become unusable with errors in technology. For all the works, we buy sports linoleum only from proven manufacturers directly, so we can offer our customers interesting prices for the whole range of works.

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