What is the difference from the steamer Multi cookings

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What is the difference from the steamer Multi cookings – To date, there are many devices for convenient cooking delicious food. These include oven , convection ovens and steamers, Multi cookings , ceramic and Teflon pans . Food – an indispensable element of our lives , and the process of its preparation takes time .

So we had to spend less time cooking and rid yourself of the difficulties and similar devices have been created , the selection and purchase of which for many today is a difficult task .

Even our grandmothers cooked food using pressure cookers . Steaming also appeared not so long ago, but despite this, it plays a significant role in cooking .

Steamer is designed as a device , What is the difference from the steamer Multi cookings whose design is presented base pan (required for dripping juice and condensate ) and trays (their number may be different ) . Already from the name of the device becomes clear what is its main feature . Steamer uses steam for cooking , but not everyone knows how many meals you can get by using this device . Moreover, the list includes dishes besides burgers, fish , soup and eggs as rice, cakes, pies and even bread and other dishes.

Price steamer has a direct impact on what it will have a capacity , how much time will be spent on the preparation of dishes , trays and many functions for cooking will be provided. Many models Steamer has a timer that is enough. In addition to this can be realized Steamer possibility defrosting and reheating a meal. Among all the characteristics possessed by steamer , the most important is gentle cooking mode . With a steamer , you can cook dishes that retain the maximum amount of vitamins as a result of thermal treatment. Using a double boiler allows products not lose useful properties , as well as you stay slim and healthy . In most cases, doctors turn to their patients who are concerned about a disorder of the digestive system , with advice to eat food , using for cooking only steamer .

If we consider the drawbacks Steamer, it is necessary to highlight the complexity when washing . Due to the presence of a large number of trays in the holes during washing have to spend a lot of time to clean them .

Having the kitchen steamer , you can spend on cooking a lot less time . The fact that the structure includes multiple trays , which enables to prepare in one and the same time a large amount of dishes . Likely to enjoy , for the first time prepared using a double boiler , you will be surprised of their unusual taste and maybe find them unpalatable . However, after some time they will start to like you , and then you will take food cooked in a pan with butter, too fatty , salty and tasteless .

Acquiring Multi cookings , it becomes clear that the impossible is possible . What is the difference from the steamer Multicookings This unusual device is an alternative to three devices at once – pan , oven and grill . In addition, it has all the features of a double boiler . Multivarka can be used for stewing, baking and cooking. Having a home Multicookings , you can cook anything you want .

Similarly, as with the Steamers , cost Multi cookings affects how long it will require cooking , as well as how many features it will include . Among all the advantages multivarok chief should call their ability to cope with a large number of tasks : cooking , braising vegetables, roasting meat , baking and more. Of course, for the preparation of these dishes can also use a double boiler , but using Multi cookings can achieve full diversity of tastes. Multivarka provides only one container , so that the use of one it is possible to prepare only one dish .

When deciding what to prefer : a double boiler or Multi cookings should focus on their own needs . If your family is quite numerous , and each member has their own taste preferences , it is necessary to stop the election on a double boiler , using which you can reduce the time to cook different dishes. However, if your family consists of 2-3 people , it is best to buy Multi cookings . Let Multi cookings purchase will cost you a large sum than the pressure cooker, but it is universal .

conclusions :
Steamer , as well as Multi cookings can be used to prepare a variety of dishes , but the steamer in this respect inferior , since it allows for only one way of cooking and multivarka – a lot.

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