Differences between infrared sauna cabin and classic sauna

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The block sauna and Finnish sauna is one of the best-known, classic saunas. Another option is the infrared sauna uses heat radiation. Temperature-controlled rooms with infrared heating elements. The heat to penetrate in an infrared sauna in the skin, without burdening circulation or measuring out effect of a conventional sauna. The temperatures are significantly lower. You are only about between 40 and 50 degrees. Here the heat is not pressed so from outside the body, but the heat production takes place in the body. Also called a deep heat effect. In our body, there are structures that absorb infrared radiation particularly well. These include the muscles. It is so very effective, intramuscular blood flow increase, which is then distributed by the circulation throughout the body.


Custom Infrared Saunas

In the classic sauna it is 15-20 minutes in the hot, dry air at 80 to 95 degrees. The heat is pushed in practice from outside into the body. The vessels in the body are increased and circulation so promoted. We sweat very much. After you shower briefly to remove the toxins that have been flushed out through the skin. Then you feel completely refreshed. But also tired and exhausted new orleans sauna.

Differences between infrared sauna cabin and classic sauna


The gang in the infrared cabin is designed differently. While it completed normally 2 to 3 course with intervening breaks for a classic saunaa, to stop in an infrared cabin for a long walk of approximately 30 minutes. The subsequent cooling is possible as well as for the classical sauna and cedarbrook sauna, but not always practiced. Applies generally for the infrared sauna: only a tour for two to three times a week.


The infrared sauna leads to the secretion of double or triple amount of welding and is due to the low temperatures (40 to 50 degrees) as a safe alternative for people who tend to cardiovascular problems. You accelerated excretion of toxins and chemical contaminants, which are stored in the fatty tissues of the body and set.

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