DIY guide – How to glue paper wallpaper

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How to glue paper wallpaper,If you are a first time doing the repair yourself or had a sad experience, then you have a lot of questions, tangential all repair activities: how to paint a frame as a whitewash ceilings and many other issues, right? In this article, you can learn about how to glue paper wallpaper. Wallpaper change the overall appearance of the room, so they should be accurately and correctly to stick. Vegetable glue paper wallpapers, become wet and heavy, they are difficult to glue the Rivne independently, so for this to work you need two people. This will not be hard to do everything right and together.

Prepare the glue

Of all types of coverings, paper easier to pick up the glue. This can be a normal paste cooked in the home and in any quantity flour with water brought to a boil no more. But, better to use glue, designed specifically for paper wallpaper is the glue of CMC. It has a dry structure, which has a longer shelf life. In specially designated containers, it should fill with lukewarm water. For complete dissolution takes 12-15 hours. It depends on the date of manufacture glue than glue “over”, the more you need time for it to be dissolved. At this time, they better keep at room temperature. For a more qualitative dissolving adhesive, it should stir occasionally during this time (normal chemical reaction diffuse). First, it is better to use a little water than then add glue and wait for its complete dissolution.

After complete dissolving adhesive, grout we glue to the desired state of consistency (to the State of a liquid Apple jelly).

Glue the centre substitute Bustilat or Gumilaks and others. The modern market of building materials offers a wide choice of wallpaper paste adhesive for all types of wallpaper, including paper. Consult with a specialist about matching your specific choice of wallpaper and glue.

Choose rolls

Paper wallpaper is sold in rolls. Therefore, for the purchase of wallpaper you need to count not the number of meters, and the number of rolls. Even if not enough 20 cm, will have to buy a whole roll.

Calculation of the required FT has to come from the picture. If it’s a clear graphical picture, or any other, consider that you have to customize the line drawing-climbing on the joints. The larger the picture, the more do the surcharge. If the wallpaper is a shallow, chaotic picture, does not require a specific connection, then in this case, you want to count only the area of the walls, but always with a margin.

the height of the wall from the ceiling or line panels, add 5-10 inches extra. If you are doing a major overhaul, then before you start gluing wallpaper, you should remove the baseboards. After the completion of works, nail them back (this is in case the plinth). In this case, the wall will look ideal, and the lower edge of the wallpaper.

With wallpaper

Before you start gluing paper wallpapers should be cut into finished pieces. Remember, the ratio of the picture, if this is all this work to spend on the floor, he must be clean and dry. It is not recommended to cut wallpaper scissors. Scissors can leave specific edges on wallpaper. Better to cut bureaucratic or special knife. To cutout was flat, it can be noted in pencil.

Edge wallpaper

Most of the walls have small . It’s better to know in advance what you learn about them when you see the missing wedge. You can check in the following way: move the vertical line (from the ceiling to the floor) using plummet. In parallel to her some more.
For applying adhesive on the walls and wallpaper, it is better to use a broad brush or roller. Apply glue on the inner surface of the wallpaper should be in horizontal and vertical direction, for uniform distribution of the adhesive.

Once the glue has been applied to the letter, fold the edges-top and bottom inner side and leave for ten minutes. Then again, slightly glue and you can start. If paper wallpaper made from thin paper, then they should not be subjected to such a long handling glue.

That letter was just glued, without distortions and wrinkles, to glue wallpaper should be together. One attaches to the top of the intended line of prepared a segment of wallpaper, the second at this time, slightly from the wall. And since the top edge, gradually, expelling air, wallpapers are glued to the wall. For this procedure is a special roller, you can use a rag, but it can ruin the wallpaper, as is fast becoming damp. Most importantly, during the edge of wallpaper and their drying. Don’t let the drafts. Even a small breeze can spoil your entire work.

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