do it yourself updos hairstyles

do it yourself updos hairstyles In the category hairstyle Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about do it yourself updos hairstyles.

Type of person and short hairstyles, When choosing hairstyles especially should pay attention to the type of face. Determine what type of geometric forms include person, you can completely remove the hair back and removing the makeup. Owners have round faces its width and length will be approximately the same, with the widest part of the cheek level. For ladies with such person recommended short haircuts and hairstyles with raised and lush Crown and a few smooth temporal zones. Especially suitable ladies asymmetrical hairstyles with bangs or without.


Owners have an oval face, Chin and forehead zone roughly the same, and the oval has a more elongated shape. This type is almost universal, it fit virtually all types of short cuts which have to do with an individual approach.

If the height of the face is almost equal to the width and jaw has a square shape with protruding cheekbones, the award of this kind person recommended haircuts or hairstyles, elevated occipital area framed locks or locks cheekbones, maximum open frontal area. You can use symmetric hairstyles that visually will smooth away the cheekbones.

Owners of a rectangular type recommend short haircuts and hairstyles, ears and mitigating vertical lines. Rectangular type differs from the square only more elongated face.

do it yourself updos hairstyles

Triangular or heart-shaped, it is called the type of the entities has tapered Chin. For his owners best choose hairstyles that are lush earlobe-level that will visually rounded chin.
For triangular faces does not recommend the use of a direct short bangs that only accentuate flaws.
Less common face shape that resembles a diamond. For this form is not recommended for short haircuts, which only “will” Chin and forehead.


When choosing hairstyles for everyday contact specialist, professional stylist, who in addition to your wishes will take into account all peculiarities of individuals, as well as physical parameters such as height, weight, age. We recommend choosing a hairstyle every day, be based not only on aesthetic parameters. First of all you should be as comfortable as possible.

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