Drawings on the walls in the apartment

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Drawings on the walls in the apartment-During the redevelopment of the interior or repair , many people are guided by the principle of originality. The wide range of shades and colors , different techniques of paint application materials , as well as a creative approach to the normal upgrade process surfaces, allow us to find a successful design solution.

Types of drawings on the walls of the apartment

Drawings on the walls of the apartment were common in the past.

With the help of stencils to print images that served as ” substitutes ” stucco elements , complemented embossed ornaments at the junction of the ceiling to the wall . As you know, good ideas never get old . Today¬† you can use the old notion . Taking the method is adopted , is not difficult to come up with their own design , and then during the repairs you arrange any room . What does such masterpieces can have different lifetimes : easy enough to wash out or be practically eternal . When applied to the same images through the screen of accuracy and precision are important , but actually do yourself, by hand.

But with the original drawings on the walls of the apartment , which are created in a single copy, most often on the order, the situation is more complicated. If the professional abilities of the artist you do not, then do the necessary work will have to hire a specialist who invests in the soul of the work and knows his business. But such an approach would diametrically change the design of the room , giving it elegance and respectability . Master , using only paint and a brush, can visually hide the tabs , lift the ceiling or wall push .

Whatever option you did not choose for yourself , remember that the selection of the image should be guided by the existing neighborhood aesthetics with a list of decorative elements . Opportunities drawings on the walls of the apartment almost endless , it is not necessary to restrict the flight of fancy .

How to Stencil Temporary Designs on Walls

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