Dryer or washing machine with dryer

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When choosing the right washing machine for your laundry needs, it involves a lot of effort and knowledge capacity and durability of products. There are many different types of washing machines. Offers some top load or front load washer. Some come with a wide range of beautiful colors, and sizes of drum sets, wash spin. In an apartment with a small balcony drying of clothes is turning out simple tasks in the task of “Star” and host of uncommon ingenuity and resourcefulness. Try to hang two sets of bed linen and a pile of clothes on the floor and a heated towel rail dryer-and you will understand what it was about. In addition, the apartment is more humidity, and it is not to everyone’s liking.

How has technology to solve this problem? Buy a dryer or a washing machine with dryer. Principle of operation is the same for both devices: rear drum installed heater. The warm air enters the drum passes through a rotating underwear, picks up moisture and condenses it into a special container. Due to the low speed of rotation of the drum underwear evenly dried up. Left to understand that better and more convenient.

Space saving

In appearance and dimensions of the dryers differ little from washing: modern design, front load dryer, standard height-width-depth-85x60x60 cm. So whoever tries to save space in the apartment, should opt for a washing machine with dryer or choose from tumble dryer models, that can be attached to the wall.


For example, a place for drying cars found. Now the challenge: save money. Tumble dryer price is comparable with the price of a washing machine with dryer. Of course, if you keep in mind the average number of functions. It turns out that for the same price, you can either update the old washing machine, or buy a new appliance. For those who decorate their apartment from scratch, of course, cheaper to buy a washing machine with an additional function of drying.

Maximum download size

Washing machines with drying dry the linen laundered all at once does not work: as a rule, the maximum amount of laundry to dry in half the amount of washing. You cannot call it a minus, but gives a little uncomfortable: drying time and energy consumption increases by half. Dryers are equipped with longer barrel than washing and can dry up an average of 5 to 7 pounds of laundry. This means that you can pick up the dryer in accordance with the characteristics of existing washing, and cope with washing and drying in one step.

Drying modes

There are two fundamentally different ways of drying clothes: time and residual humidity. The first means that user installs a drying time after which the device is disabled and it dried up things or left moist. Time is out-the program has ended. The residual moisture drying involves setting the percent moisture, which must remain in the fabric, depending on the selected duration of drying.

Of course, this method is preferable because it helps to extend the life of things, protecting them from drying it out. After all, if the dry stuff longer than necessary fabric fibers are too fragile, and things wear out faster. In addition, slightly wet things easier to iron. Dryers offer the hosts to choose from both of these ways of drying. Not all models of washing machines are able to dry according to the principle of the residual moisture. The band with a specific machine, you must specify the item from the seller.

Functional filler

In General, the dryer is able to offer its owner a greater number of features than washing. For example, using the tumble dryer can save stuff from the offensive odor, use mode of “ventilation”. It is not necessary to wash the clothes and the smell of fire or smoke will melt away within an hour.

Another nice feature is the gentle drying woolen goods. A neat hostess dried sweaters on the towel, representing not less than a day. This method allows you to save the form of things and prevent stalling out cotton fibres. Dryer turns the familiar world of housewives and dries the woolen stuff for a couple of hours. To do this you only need to put them in a basket. Through the special holes will pass the warm air, and by the fact that the basket is fixed, the product does not deform and 100% protected from stalling. By the way, this basket can be dried and shoes.

Drying of delicate fabrics is the next challenge, which is to shoulder the dryer. To do this you only need to choose the right program that will lower the temperature of the air, “sensitive” drum rotation mode and reduce the total time. In some models, the drum is minimum number of rotations per minute (2-3) or remains stationary. In this case the least exposed underwear mechanical processing and drying under the influence of dry warm air continuously.

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