Drying and processing of moisture walls

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Moisture in the walls caused by water leakage inside the house , or saturation of the soil around the house with water, and humidity lead to damage to the layer of paint on the walls , mold also caused this mold may be dangerous to the health of family members , especially black mold to the presence of toxic materials .

The above is the evaporation of moisture treatment naturally , as soon as the issue that produced it. To avoid damage to the paintings , fillers , wallpaper , and various fungi treatment , heating and ventilation .

Drying is similar to the walls in new construction where moisture from the structure needs to be a long period of time for the final evaporation , and this depends on the commitment of the walls.

No walls with paint , plaster humidity water or oil paints or vinyl wall coverings , and persistent organic pollutants do not allow high humidity environment , however, the hole , it shows the wall humidity true . In these cases , once the spots appear first, and let the process plaster, is very fast.

The duration of treatment is limited

Featuring the sodium and potassium salts in the case of the cracks in the walls immediately take this place, and seal it with new crystals permanently and ensure the continuity of the insulating layer horizontally. Silicate crystals , with the passage of years , they gain greater rigidity , and thereby increase the water resistance , so we can say that the duration of treatment is unlimited.

Drying and processing of moisture walls

PREMIUM NORMAL silicate and silicate
Silicate is completely organic and safe for people and the environment. Is injected into the liquid state becomes a gel to ultimately become crystals. This is a product that comes from a line of cement, silica sand rivers in origin. Its duration is limited , because with the passage of time becomes more resistant to water similar . PREMIUM created silicate , to meet the growing rise of the first level of groundwater occurred in recent years , as well as cases that were committed .

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