Effectively clean stone fireplace

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Effectively clean stone fireplace

The soot is deposited gradually on the stones of your chimney As you use . There are easy methods to be adopted to remove even if you do not use special products sold in specialty stores. You can make yourself clean your fireplace without resorting to sweeping should be done by a professional.

Cleaning the soot you will be safe from fire . You can , for this purpose, use a cleaner chimney suitable for all types of stone. It deep cleans stones. You use pure and you will apply directly to the stone to clean. The product is in minutes and be sure to remove the excess .

The conventional method for cleaning stone fireplace

In order to remove the soot , you need to bleach , black soap, pumice , ammonia , regular soap and, of course , clean water. The first step is to vigorously brush the stones using boiled water or pure bleach . This preliminary cleaning facilitates the removal of the layer of soot thereafter. The second stage , that is to say, the actual cleaning is to take off the soot that is clogged in the stone using a cleaning solution homemade . This solution is a mixture of boiled water and soap dissolves which has the property to remove the soot. To remove stubborn stains , add your mixture of ammonia. The mixture thus formed is coated on the stones. Let stand for several hours . Then use the pumice stone to clean thoroughly. The operation ends by brushing with soap followed by rinsing with clear water .

Other effective methods for removing soot from the chimney

The high pressure cleaning is an alternative to the conventional method. However, you will have the equipment needed to carry it out. In addition , we also provide special protection against projectiles and use many mops to collect wash water . The pure water or diluted bleach can remove the soot that is embedded on the stones . Apply the solution with a brush emphasizing the grooves. After that , rinse with water to remove loosened dirt and traces of bleach. To clean the soft stone , you can make use of coarse sandpaper and sand the surface with a wooden wedge . This is the best method to preserve the original shape up stones rubbed . The vinegar-based solution has also proven to clean stones covered with soot. To do this , prepare a mixture of one liter of hot water, three glasses of white vinegar and mix well to ensure mixing. Before applying this solution with a stiff brush , remove the ashes before the walls. The operation will be followed by a water rinse . Repeat if necessary. Finally , use an absorbent to dry the stones because they do not have to stay too wet paper. If the chimney is heavily soiled , use of hydrochloric acid is recommended. However, you must wear protection for your face and your hands.

Effectively clean stone fireplace

Some Useful Tips

The use of products used to strip furnaces is also effective for removing soot from the chimney. Some brands of detergent suitable for porous stone if you perform a soft brush followed by rinsing . The operation can be repeated in case of persistence of soot. But in this case , it takes a lot of stress the last rinse . The white stone or magic soap sold in hardware stores has several properties : it can be used both to clean, polish and protect the stone . The use of a protective product for fireplace preserves longer stones . It is possible to keep your chimney clean longer . To do this, avoid using very dirty fuels: wet wood , painted wood , corrugated cardboard , plywood or household waste , for example. If you use products sold in specialty stores , you may completely degrease your stone fireplace. This will encourage the installation of saltpetre on the walls . In this case , it is recommended to conduct a re-greasing the walls by coating a floor cleaning product containing linseed oil, then rinse with clear water.

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