Electric underfloor heating or water Other pros and cons

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The main advantage of electric underfloor heating is that it can be used “pointwise”, for example, only in the children’s play area and toilet. And it is possible to turn on the system as needed.

The downside is that electricity is more expensive than water. Even with the most modern electrical system, get ready to invest in your comfort.

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Remember that electrical systems are dependent on a current source. If there are often power outages in your area, you will have to provide an uninterruptible for the home network.

Electric underfloor heating or water: a comparison

The main advantage of water underfloor heating is efficiency. Although you will need to spend much more money on the installation, in the future – your efforts will pay off.

If you live in an apartment of a multi-storey building, most likely, a water heated floor is not for you. For such work it is necessary to obtain a special permit. After all, for overlaps, such a system is a huge load. In addition, connecting to central heating, you will reduce the quality of heating of neighboring apartments. And if the system leaks, the consequences will hit the pocket hard.

So, let’s sum up the preliminary results. We found out that water floors have the following advantages:

economy in use;

no radiation.


more expensive installation;
the need to replace fittings;
possible leaks;
problematic installation in the apartment of a high-rise building.

Which underfloor heating is better, electric or water

Electric underfloor heating also has its advantages:

Easy to install;
the possibility of installation in the apartment of a high-rise building and point-by-point in certain areas;
long service life.

And cons:

electricity costs;
the presence of radiation;
the risk of electric shock and fire in case of improper installation;
the need for an uninterrupted source of electricity and good wiring.

In any case, underfloor heating (electric or water) has one important advantage – it creates a feeling of comfort and gives our feet warmth, which is extremely important for health.

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