Enamelled cast iron cookware

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Before first use wash the product with warm water and liquid detergent. To avoid damage to the cover do not use enamelware wash abrasive cleansers or aggressive chemical compounds, as well as hard sponges. Enamel Cookware surface quickly and easily cleaned with liquid cleaners.

The sharp temperature difference can disrupt coverage, so it is recommended to wash dishes after cooking, so she had time to cool down.

Do not leave empty Cookware on a ring enabled-overheating can damage the finish. If the product is still overheated, not it with cold water, it is better to let it cool on its own.

Make sure that the diameter of the heating element plate was equal to or less than the diameter of the bottom of the enamelled articles. When cooking on a gas stovetop flames should touch only the bottom is not falling on the walls-this will help to avoid burning food, pollution and heat the Cookware.

Enamelled cast iron cookware

Avoid strong shocks or drop utensils-it may cause chipping of the coating. If the enamel still broke away, it is not recommended to use this product because the place will start to rust, and Scola in food can get pieces of coverage.

Burnt-on food residue can be easily removed in the Pan boil water with detergent for several minutes, after which you must wash dishes using sponges. After the end of the cooking utensils you need to wash and dry.

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