Energy saving and low noise ventilation systems

Energy saving and low noise ventilation systems In the category ventilation system Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Energy saving and low noise ventilation systems.

Energy saving and low noise ventilation systems – It is difficult to overestimate the importance of ventilation equipment in modern life-support system : it is necessary for administrative and industrial buildings, and residential buildings , especially in the growing popularity of the individual building .

Modern ventilation systems must meet the technical and safety requirements , including noise level .

Low noise operation of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems is an important indicator , therefore the acoustic factor to be considered both at the design stage and at the stage of the installation of ventilation equipment .

Typically, when low power operation of the significant problems with noise occurs. However, if the noise level is the determining factor of the project is to consult with a specialist in acoustics and , most importantly, pay attention to the planning costs. The fact that the cost of noise reduction weakly to predict , if you did not consult with a specialist. Problems of noise reduction should be considered even at the design stage , when there is a choice of optimal solutions . After the completion of the object noise reduction even a few decibels becomes a complex and expensive procedure . Therefore it is necessary to remember that the presence of some noise is inevitable and unavoidable , and to maximize the efficiency of measures to control the level of noise they should be implemented at the design stage of the system.

Measures that reduce noise in ventilation systems can be divided into two groups : measures aimed directly at the source of the noise , and measures on noise transmission channels .

In the case of increased requirements it is expedient to provide sound-absorbing material coating the inner surface of the channels . This is one of the most effective ways to significantly reduce the noise level .

Another important aspect related to the work of ventilation systems , energy conservation is an issue that is relevant to the modern face of rising energy rates .

Using the latest advances in science and technology contributes to a significant reduction of energy ventilation systems. More and more manufacturers offer their energy-saving version.

There are a number of areas , contributing to the solution of energy saving ventilation systems. The most effective and widely used of these is the processing of thermal energy of exhaust air .

Energy saving and low noise ventilation systems

To do this in the usual scheme of ventilation system adds additional device – recuperator ( heat exchanger ) . It allows utilizing heat vent emissions. Conserving energy is used to heat ( or cool ) air entering the room from the street. As a result, significantly increases the efficiency of energy use . On average , using ventilation systems with heat recovery save up to 85 % of electricity.  reduces operating costs the owner of the air handling unit .

Naturally, such ventilation systems are more expensive. Although, according to the owners, it costs recouped in 2-3 years .

Acquiring ventilation system , it is advisable to take into account all the criteria , so that the chosen system provides a high level of comfort combined with efficiency and durability .

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