energy saving measures in the home

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energy saving measures in the home – Use of energy-saving technologies in the home allows you to maintain the comfort of living at the usual level, and significant savings on energy payment . First of all, this is achieved by eliminating the leakage of heat energy. Thermal insulation materials of new generation have a high R- factor and can , at small volumes , to provide the required performance.

How to keep it warm ?

Uninsulated overhead slabs absorb up to 30 % of heat energy , the use of high-quality insulator can positively affect the atmosphere in the living areas . Well established soft cover rock wool , equipped with heat- coated metal , as well as foam panel construction sealed with tape . Insulated ceilings do not form condensate moisture , and their decorative coating for a long time does not lose work ability .

From close proximity with basements , ground floor apartment , in the air constant overabundance of moisture from which does not save properly functioning ventilation . The problem is solved dismantling floors and laying on a concrete base polymer film membrane or applying any waterproofing coating. Effectiveness of the technology improves additional warming subfloor moisture- heat insulator Minplita type of basalt wool or cellulose fiber . Good results also show the foam panel. In this embodiment, it is imperative seam sealing compounds panels and seats with walls .

Large heat flow occurs through the worn window frames . Wet glazing and water on the windowsill indicate the need for installation of plastic windows. Perennial use plastic windows confirmed their efficiency and excellent performance .

Energy saving heating system facilitates automation . In contrast to expensive air conditioning , automatic only support a given level of the coolant temperature . This is enough to stabilize the temperature in the room

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