Entrance steel doors design features

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Entrance steel doors as the main building structure is played by both a decorative and protective role. Even the thick wooden door with a lot of locks cannot protect flat as steel doors. Door options will gain Steely design, which its main mechanisms never under any circumstances will not fail. Doors on the official site are exactly the kind of structure with data characteristics-durability, reliability, safety and quality.

Below we describe some options secure entrance door. First, you must consider the quality of metal, as well as its thickness. Finished profiles in the manufacture of doors are not used. Sheet thickness of the door leaf must not be less than 2 mm and in two layers. The space between the two layers-32 mm. Between a steel sheets welded reinforcing ribs. Thanks to the increased rigidity of the doors and the likelihood of deformation is reduced to zero, even with 15 tons of pressure.
Hollow space quality steel doors is filled with mineral wool, which have high soundproofing and insulating properties. The PU-foam doesn’t belong here.

The additional protection of a steel door are protected by special invisible. With their help, the door cannot be removed from loops, and a solid cover plates should be covered with a protective film. Steel doors, in turn, are covered by special coating against vandals “. Such protection resists arson, scratching and other mechanical influences. The silence in the House is ensured by sealing material of high quality, which is inserted between the plates.

Entrance steel doors design features

An important criterion for proper protection of the premises of the Castle, which is also its parameters meets all established standards. Even if you will be the most reliable in the world, cheap door lock will cause great trouble in the steel doors the future.

An important detail against break-ins are also lining up against drilling Castle. Sales to date have a myriad of castles of varying value. In the ranks of the most reliable-lever and cylinder, as a rule, it is difficult to pick up the keys. Note that the disk version of the castle can be opened even a simple kid. High degree of reliability of the doors is also provided in a manner that involves the installation of two castles, but with a different configuration.

In some models the front doors insert welded frame of bent lasting profile. Despite the fact that each additional item increases the initial cost of a steel door, all the same, it must be accepted that the savings on their security could become much more expensive.

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