Evaporative coolers

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Evaporative coolers

Evaporative cooler , also known as washing the air , is a different type of air conditioner that works well in hot and dry climates .

Many residents of southwest evaporative coolers used in their homes . Evaporative coolers mainly wet pads big fan. New is cooled outside air is about 20 degrees as it passes through the cooling pads to the interior of the housing .

These units with outside air cooling evaporation and passed in the House of Representatives , All cooling effect is similar to the process that occurs when the evaporation of sweat cools your body on a hot day ( but not a lot of moisture ) . Coldly through evaporation run , the windows partially open to allow warm air to escape from inside the shop with air cooling .

Installation of evaporative coolers cost about half of what it cost to install an air conditioner , and uses about a quarter of the energy . However, they need to be more frequent maintenance of air conditioners which is only suitable for areas with low humidity , such as the south-west region .

Before using evaporative cooler :

Check air regulator to make sure they are in good condition .
Make sure that the metal plate out of the regulator pipe cooler and heater.
Remove rust , and if necessary , repaint the unit.
Make sure that the buoy is working properly and be referred to the water level .
Check the water distribution system , platforms should be quite moist .
And there should be no dry spot when operating chillers .
Verify that the tension in the belt .

At the end of the hot season , remember :

Remove pipe cooler and water supply.
Cleaning salt and mineral deposits that have accumulated .
Cover the cooler to prolong life and prevent noise caused by the wind.
Close compressive organizer or place the metal sheet on the rack when not in use . ( Be sure to put steel plates near the heater tube ) .

When you install evaporative cooler , always read the operating instructions and maintenance manuals . Check and clean the cooler every two months . In the beginning, middle and end of each heating season , replacing the cooler pads , which are covered with mineral sediments . You may have to replace them more often , depending on weather conditions and water. The use of chemical additives to reduce odor and corrosion in the cooler . If you have problems with the evaporative cooler , get professional help qualified plumber .

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