Exchange core concept of marketing as a discipline

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Happens when people decide to meet your marketing and requests through the Exchange. Exchange Act to obtain any desired object with a suggestion of something in return. Exchange core concept of marketing as a discipline. Basic unit in marketing deal.

Trade agreement between the two sides. Classic cash transactions includes receipt of goods for money. In a swap for one item receive other (vacuum cleaner over the phone, etc.).
market is a collection of current and potential buyers of the product .

Marketing work to achieve market exchanges, intended to meet human needs. Exchange process requires work. For those who want to sell, you must search for buyers, identify their needs, design appropriate products and promote them in the market, store, transport, negotiating rates, form the framework of marketing activities etc like product development, research, communication, organization, pricing, distribution and publishing services. Housewives doing marketing, when you search for the required goods they’re willing to pay the price. In search of scarce commodities company to find vendors and enticing terms.

Seller in the market is a market where buyers and sellers so that the most active “actors” to sellers. Over time, all those who participated in the Exchange, learn it better, and in particular, vendors gain more professionalism in marketing management.

Marketing management is the analysis, planning, implementation and monitoring of activities intended to establish, build and maintain profitable exchanges with target buyers in order to achieve certain goals, such as profit growth of sales, increase market share, marketing etc should be able to influence the level and timing of demand in a way that help the organization achieve its goals of any demand management marketing management.

The organization develops ideas about the desired level of demand for their goods. At any time can be the level of effective demand without required, match or exceed.

A negative order goods disliked, hates thereto (negative demand for vaccines, dental procedures, surgery for gallstones, and employ former prisoners and alcohol). Marketing mission to analyse the causes of hostility to market goods, whether marketing program to change this negative perception by modifications of the product, price cuts and increased incentives.

Lack of demand. Can target consumers disinterested in product or indifferent to it. The task of marketing-find ways to link the benefits inherent in the product with natural human needs and interests.

Hidden demand. Consumers suffer from a strong desire to be met based on market goods or services (demand for cigarettes are harmless, safe neighborhoods, etc.). Important potential market value rate marketing and creating effective products and services to meet the demand.
Lower demand. Figure the market should analyse the reasons for the drop in demand and determine whether you can again generate sales by finding new target markets, changing the characteristics of the goods or to create more effective communication. Marketing mission to reverse the decline in demand through creative thinking approach to building the proposal.

Irregular request. Many organizations may vary seasonal newspaper marketing, hourly basis so that aunderlwad or overload causes problems (download public transport during peak hours, the number of processes in hospitals at the beginning and the end of the week). Marketing job-finding ways to mitigate volatility in demand distribution over time using flexible prices and incentives and other techniques of seduction.

The entire demand at a time when the organization is satisfied with the volume of trade. Marketing task of maintaining the current level of demand, and despite the changing consumer preferences and increasing competition. The Organization must be sincerely care over the quality of products and services, and measuring the level of consumer satisfaction, to judge the health of their businesses.

Exchange core concept of marketing as a discipline

Excessive demand. A number of organizations in higher than I can or want to meet demand. A marketing job, in this case called for finding ways to reduce temporary or permanent demand. In General, seeks to bring down excessive demands, resorting to measures such as raising the price, to weaken efforts to strengthen and reduce service. During selective seek to reduce the level of demand in those areas of the market are less profitable or require less service. The goal is not to eliminate the demand, but merely reduce it.

Irrational request. Reducing demand on products harmful to health and requires sustained efforts (campaign against spread of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, firearms, etc.). Marketing task is to convince fans of all abandon their dissemination of information frightening and sharply raising prices and limiting the availability of goods.

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