exploring peoples attitudes safety at work

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British scientists are exploring people’s attitudes to safety at work

This study will be led by professors of the University of Reading in partnership with the University of Portsmouth. This program is funded by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health for two years , leaving scientists will be found between social status , perception of the value of health and safety. The change will be traced in the last 50 years.

Fifty-year period was not chosen by chance. “Age” of public safety management in England about 50-60 years. Until the end of 1960, the legislation did not provide for how many important documents relating to safety. Initially, these laws are , in fact, as elsewhere, have focused only on the security of industrial enterprises, which retained a high percentage of manual labor , there Injury rates were quite high , and the mortality rate was high from industrial accidents.

But now, with the emergence of new sectors of the economy, when he became a so- called office work , service , everything that can hardly be referred to the industry related to safety at work changed dramatically . Sharply increased hostility to the use of labor protection legislation , very often in the media these issues are not portrayed in the best light .

exploring people’s attitudes safety at work

In any case , it was possible to ensure that the management of health and safety has become an accepted part of the business , and as a result was reduced mortality and injury in the workplace. Therefore, even more unclear is why the working population , the leaders of the organization so negatively disposed to the execution of an occupational health , because their implementation is directed to the company’s success ? The aim of this study is also a solution to the question : “What can be done to change the public perception of safety ? ”

Commenting on the study , Professor Paul almonds from the University of Reading’s historical remembered by all accounts, the disaster at the oil platform Piper Alpha, where in 1988 a fire killed 167 of the 226 workers who were on the platform. Among the recent major accidents P. almonds gave the example of the incident again on an oil rig Deepwater Horizon, which occurred in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico , while 13 people died , 17 people were seriously injured. According to the investigation identified the human factors that led to the accident, including unqualified personnel actions . So Paul did not understand how you can so indifferent to their own safety.

Colleague P. almonds from the University of Portsmouth , Dr. Mike Esbester believes that the study is a great opportunity to look back and see what has changed in the community, identify key turning points in the public perception of health and safety in recent years. According to Mike it will show how the past influences the present and how it effects you can use to change the situation in the future.

Jane White, a representative part of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health says that at a time when, in 1974, the UK introduced the first code of health and safety in the workplace, he was received with great honor as getting rid of needless deaths . Of course, everything is changing, and changing jobs, the nature of production processes, but despite the change in the nature of the danger , the law is still relevant as ever. At present UK policy aimed at reducing the ” burden” caused by the implementation of labor laws , but now many countries and politicians all over the world consider legislation the UK model law. However , at the moment , the government is faced with a sharp comparison between the public perception of the law , including its red tape, and the reality of the legal framework , its suitability for achieving these goals .

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