How to extract a broken key from a lock

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A difficult problem to solve is when it breaks the key in the lock of the door. You can resort to a blacksmith. Before resorting to the intervention of a specialist we may verify that you are able to pull ourselves out. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Pour a few drops into the lock of a lubricant and allow it to act for a few minutes. This will help to ensure that the key slides to the outside and come out easily.

Put in a patch with the needle tip, when it docked at a part of the broken key, pull to remove it. Instead of the clamp you can also use an object up, like for example toothed lime. Thanks to the teeth you can attach well the key.

If the first idea doesn’t work, try to repeat shedding more lubricant.

It is a process that requires a lot of patience and skill. Once you get to bring out an inch of key will be the time to use fine tipped forceps to finish unpacking.

If in spite of various intents, not be able to take out the key, then it will be better to call a locksmith to avoid further damage the lock.

Some recommend even to try with a pliers. Pour a drop on the verge of breaking the key that we have in hand and insert it into the patch, so you can paste the piece stuck inside. Wait a few minutes and then try to remove it.This entry was posted in home improvement and tagged, broken key, key locksmith, toothed lime, lubricant, pliers, break, lock.


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