The failure of the refrigerator symptoms of refrigerator compressor problems

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The failure of the refrigerator

If your refrigerator is experiencing outages unwanted flashes of the light bulb when the door is opened ; anomaly display the display temperature control , startup followed by a compressor cut at intervals regular time , the rattling , plaque formation of ice on the cold wall of the refrigerator , you can repair your camera yourself.

These failures usually originate in a recurring problem on the electronic board of the refrigerator control , due to the loss of capacity in the time of the capacitor. This degrades the voltage to the microcontroller which controls the control board. To remedy this, a capacitor must be replaced because it is helping to create a low voltage from the mains . If the fault persists , it will be to replace all capacitors or replace the cards by a thermostat home, or in the worst case to call a specialist. Here’s how:

Step 1 : Access control cards

First, unplug the product from the refrigerator and close the top of the refrigerator with a string to ensure that the door will stay in place when you remove the top pivot . Remove the two vertical screws in the two rear corners at the top that lock the top plastic cover. Then unscrew and remove the top hinge pin and then pull the top cover towards you to release the metal parts . Finally , remove the front plastic, the back a little on the top, and then discarding the bottom with your fingers pulling a little to himself. This gives you access to two maps of the control electronics , the largest is clipped flat and the other vertically in front.

Step 2: Remove the control cards

First remove the plug on the big map , left side, and pull it backwards to remove it by locating its position. Then remove the probe connector , the right : Spread a little tabs while pulling the connector backwards. Then detach the cards away with fingers plastic tabs that hold them in defining the grooves where they are mounted. Now you have two cards in hand, connected by a ribbon cable. In handling these cards , avoid the risk of electrostatic discharge.

Step 3: Replace the capacitor

Once you have obtained the replacement capacitor must unsolder the old and weld replacement. If you have a soldering iron and a little practice , it is sufficient to heat a soldering pulling a little on the capacitor, then the other, alternately and in moderation to achieve removal. Then, insert and solder the new capacitor. Finally cut the son beyond .

Step 4: Replace the cards and refrigerator

First slide the card into the large groove in front of clips. Then insert the two connectors making sure the son are in place . Then insert the card in front of the groove in the face of the slots , and slide . Replace the top cover in the correct axis for winding , but without pressing . Align the front in the position where the clips are in front of their holes, and put it back in place. Push the entire back cover ensuring it engages well in the metal parts. Replace the pivot door . Wait a bit before returning the screws on the back . Connect the mains and check the functioning of the whole.

Some additional tips

In cases where you want to run your refrigerator without the two control boards , remove them as described in Step 2 . At the connector on the left, who leads the mains, connect the brown wire which is at one end, the black wire is the center. This will make the compressor motor run continuously. Attention to the blue wire between the two , the brown is the phase , neutral and blue. Also, if you want to control the production of cold , install a mechanical timer in the socket of the refrigerator. Choose a mechanical model with small studs on the wheel to establish by 1/4 of the time contact. Set the timer on for alternate with 1/2H 1/2H stop . On temperature sensors , this refrigerator has two , one that measures the ambient temperature (the cable with the white jacket ) on the probe connector and the other to be plated on the evaporator and must serve to ensure defrost ( the black cable sheath) . To make a measurement of the resistance probes over time , it is sufficient to operate the refrigerator with the system programmer alternating 1/2H 1/2H walk and stop . This can give an idea of ​​the functioning of the sensors for those who want to go further, for example, replace the control boards by a thermostat design.

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