Feeding dogs during pregnancy

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Feeding dogs during pregnancy – Regardless of the type of dog mating can be performed only when a knot is not less than a year , and if it had at least two heat. Physical form, as males and bitches is essential for the production of offspring. If the dog is overweight , then it is possible that physiologically and anatomically it is not suitable for mating . Swirls with overweight may have a lower probability of fertilization and more problems with the birth of puppies.

The volume of food consumed varies depending on age, activity, and metabolic environment. Feeding the dog requires an individual approach to ensure its normal physical shape.

Feeding dogs during pregnancy

During pregnancy in dogs is about 9 weeks, and feeding in the first six weeks is no different from the usual feeding. During the last three weeks the need for nutrients increases. Caloric needs in this last trimester should be met by a gradual increase in the volume of food. By the time of the onset of labor or the fifth week 50 % of the normal diet should be more complete feed or food for puppies. The easiest way to ensure proper feeding during this period – is the use of high-quality dog foods that say ” complete and balanced diet for the period of reproduction and growth.” If you give a dog such food , the more vitamins and mineral supplements are not needed.

Problems can arise when growth supplements overabundant , especially when adding an excess amount of vitamin A or calcium.

Closer to the last two weeks of pregnancy puppies in the womb occupy more space , and thus the capacitance of the stomach in dogs may be reduced. In such cases it is possible compulsion to eat. For this we need to moisten dry food with warm water to facilitate the ingestion of food or feed smaller portions , but more often . As we approach the birth dog may lose your appetite. This is normal , and unless it is due to the deterioration of her health , then do not make any changes in the scheme of feeding. In many cases, refusal to eat on the ninth week may indicate that the dog whelp in the next 24 or 48 hours. After the birth of puppies dog should receive any food that she wants , and certainly it should always have fresh water to drink.

In the reproductive period of nutrients with water delivered to the developing fetus and water as waste products are removed . Also, the water helps regulate body temperature facilitates generating and milk. To increase the consumption of water dog must be kept clean bowl with water and change the water often .

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