How find reliable contractor home repair?

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How do I find a reliable contractor to repair the house?

Home repair may be one of the most disturbing things for homeowners, because of the consequent disruption in the daily life of the family. Home repair can be very expensive and you must learn all you can about the contractor before hiring him. Below is a list of the basic steps to take to choose a contractor or company Home Repair:


Seek recommendations and references. Talking with friends, family, and other people who has done some similar work contractor.
Get quotes from at least three contractors.

Ensure that budgets are based on the same work in order to make reasonable comparisons. Make sure that the contractor meets the requirements of licensing and certification. You can check online if a licensed electrician or plumber.

Make sure the contractor has liability insurance, property damage and workers’ compensation for their employees and subcontractors. Obtain copies of the contracted insurance vouchers. Also check with your insurance company if you’re covered in case of damage and accidents.
Be wary of contractors who work from post office boxes and private suites instead of local business addresses.

Insist on a written contract fully. Know exactly what work will be done, and the quality of materials used and guarantees, schedules, and the total price of the work and payment schedule.

How should I take care to do business with the contractor?

You must be careful, especially if the contractor:

Offers its services from door to door or come looking;
Happen to have materials left over from the last function;
Says that his work would be a “demonstration”;
Offers you a discount if you get other clients;
Offer prices that are much higher or much lower than other budgets;
What pressures you for an immediate decision;
Offers ensures exceptionally large;
Can be reached by leaving only the messages on the answering machine;
Manages an unmarked truck or their car license plates from another country, or
Asked to pay for the entire job.

How find reliable contractor home repair?

Why can not I just choosing a contractor from the yellow pages?

Just because the contractor will be announced in the section of “Home Improvement” in the yellow pages, it does not guarantee that it has a valid license or that a good reputation.

What questions should be asked from the contractor?

How long have you been in business?

We must look for a well established company and check with local agents to protect the consumer in the event the company introduced a problem. You can also check online. Do not rely on the absence of complaints to make your decision. You can have problems that are not reported or that the work of the contractor using several different names.

I will need a permit for my project?

Most localities require permits for building projects, even for simple functions such as floors. Competent contractor will get all the necessary permits before starting work on your project. Be suspicious if the contractor asks you to get him or permits; may mean that is not licensed or who is not registered as required by your site.

Can you give me a list of references?

Contractor must be able to give names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least three clients who have projects similar to yours. Ask each how long the project has been completed and if you can go to see him. Also, tell the contractor that would like to visit the work in progress. Be wary if the contractor refuses to give a signal.

Will employ? Subcontractors on this project?

The answer is yes, ask to meet them and make sure they have current insurance and licensed. Also ask if the contractor has paid in a timely manner.

What kind of insurance account?

Contractors must have liability insurance, workers’ compensation and against damage. Ask for copies of insurance policies and make sure they are valid. Avoid dealing with contractors who do not have the appropriate insurance. Otherwise, you will be responsible for any accidents and damages that occur during the execution of the project.

How should check references provided by the contractor?

You should talk to some of the customers by the Contractor. Can help you decide if the Contractor for you. You might ask:
I can visit? Your home to see the final work?

And you satisfied with the project? And it completed on time?
Contractor not keep you informed on the progress of work in the project and any problems that have arisen during the same?
There were unexpected costs? If so, what are they?
Is it time workers? Cleaned? Everything to finish the job?
Contractor would you recommend?
Do you hire a contractor again?

How important is that the contractor is licensed?

Contractors requires home remodeling and repair services to be licensed. Rules for licenses Home improvement District of Columbia provides that, unless to have a license, a contractor can not accept any payments prior to completing all the work. This is true even if the contractor got later a license retroactively from the date of commencement of work.

Contractor implementation of home improvements without a license violation of the law of consumer protection laws (PPC). Contractor prohibited from working with another contractor’s license.

Ask to see a contractor’s license. Make sure they are current.

Need a contractor to do something before you start work?

Even require a licensed contractor to ob

tain building permits for the city. The law requires the contractor to leave a sum of money on deposit as collateral for the performance.

You must enter into a written contract with the contractor?

Yes, you should not allow for builders to start work in your home until you have a written contract signed. But perhaps the idea of ​​a verbal agreement and simply “handshake” is tempting, it is very difficult to implement the terms of the oral contract before the court in the case of any dispute.

What should be in a written contract?

The agreement should be clear, concise and complete. Before signing the contract, make sure they include the following:

Name, address, telephone number and license number by the contractor.
Schedule for the payment of the contractor, subcontractors and suppliers. Although most contractors require partial payment for the purchase of supplies before starting work, do not pay the entire work in the future. Better to have payments due at the time that the contractor has completed part of the work agreed upon. It is common for customers to pay contractors into three parts (one-third in advance, one-half to complete the work and the rest to complete all the work).

Estimated start and completion of the work.
Contractor’s commitment to obtain all necessary permits.
How should you deal with change orders. Amendment Order (very common in most of the remodeling) is a written authorization to the contractor to make any modification or addition to the work described in the original contract. Can affect the cost and schedule of the project. And often require the payment of contractors for change orders before work begins.
A detailed list of materials, including the colors, styles, sizes, brands and products.
Warranties that cover materials and the quality of the work. You must specify the names and addresses of the parties honoring guarantees: the contractor, distributor or manufacturer. They should also explain in detail the duration of the warranty period and any restrictions to include.
What will and will not make the Contractor. For example, they clean up the site and waste transfer included in the price? Ask add “cleaning requirement”, which makes the contractor responsible for all the grooming tasks, including spills and stains.

I can change my mind? After signing the contract?

Law giving three (3) business days to cancel the contract if the sale is executed (in this case the sale of services) in your home or place of business other than the seller. This is known as “time to reconsider.” Contractor can not be deprived of this right immediately to starting a business, selling your contract to a lender, or in any other way. However, can you owe money to the contractor for the benefits received prior to cancellation.

At the time of the conclusion of the contract, should the contractor or supplier provides as follows:

Two copies of the cancellation form dated (one to keep and one to send) and
A copy of your contract or receipt showing the name and address of the seller, and explain your right to cancel. Must be written contract or receipt using the same language of the offer for sale.

I can cancel the contract?

You can cancel the contract if the rule of “the deadline for re” applies and you’re still in a period of three days, this rule allows. If the rule applies, you can cancel the purchase and sit the date of signature in one of the notices of cancellation, and send it by registered mail stamp before midnight of the third business day after the end of the sale. Saturday is working day but Sunday and holidays not legally recognized. Maintain a cancellation notice for your records.

What if I want extra work after signing the contract?

You should avoid asking for additional work after the signing of the contract. If you make any change, the best way to avoid misunderstanding is through changing the order given in writing. The rate at which the system and signed by both parties and attached to the original contract. This specifies the additional work to be performed, materials and any changes made to the schedule. Remember that the amendment could command significantly increases the price.

What should you pay attention to start working?

Pay attention to the progress of work and schedule the contractor what will be done and in what order. If something seems to be missing or out of the ordinary, ask your contractor about this topic. This will avoid problems later.

What is forbidden to the contractor under the law?

Unfair trade practices most in the list of consumer protection standards has to do with deception and deceit (fraud and forgery). The following are some examples of unlawful conduct that may apply to the renovation or repair of the house by the Contractor:

Misrepresentation of any material fact (no importance) with the intent to deceive;
Declares that the products or services have qualities that do not have;
Announces that the merchant has affiliation or contact has not;
Declares that the original or new products while they are not;
Declares that the products or services of the level and quality or style if in fact they are not;
Advertise or offer products or services without the intention to sell them as advertised or offered (ie not the will of the “bait”);
Make false or misleading statements about motivation, or in terms of prices compared to the competition or special offered in the past or you offer in the future;
Falsely declares that some of the alternatives and necessary repairs or services;
Replace parts of an item to repair these parts when not defective;
Falsely declaring that he made reforms and changes or modifications to the article when in fact you have done.

How can I protect myself from the project?

You must keep all the documents that have to do with the project repair your home in one place. This includes a copy of the contract, and change orders (to approve the replacement of materials or services) and correspondence with contractors and suppliers. Bring a list of all the calls, conversations and activities related to the project. You may also want to take pictures to document workflow. This will be the important records in the event of problems with your project during or after the construction is completed.

What should you pay attention once the job?

Before signing the final acceptance and payment, and use this checklist to make sure the work has been completed. Check the following:

All work meets the criteria specified in the contract.
He has written evidence that they had to pay for all subcontractors and suppliers.
Has been cleaned and left free of excess materials, tools and equipment in the workplace.
Lose and gave his approval on the work already completed.

If you believe that the contractor breached the contract, the first to know him in conversation or by phone. For example, if you come home from work one day, and see that the new picture frame is in the wrong place, call the Contractor immediately. To protect yourself, make a note of the conversation outlining their concerns and any agreement reached, and send it to the contractor. Keep a copy for yourself. A good idea is to ask your lawyer to write a letter raising their concerns and request correction. If this fails, see if your contract specifies some alternative dispute resolution, mediation or arbitration. This means that you and the contractor agreed to call a third party acceptable to the parties to resolve the dispute without going to court. If your contract does not specify the ADR, the first letter of attorney help you to take further action, perhaps in small claims court. In any case, the alternatives to push for “specific performance” of the contract, which means forcing the contractor to perform the work or agreed to pay any additional expenses you carry by getting someone else to do so.

Where can I report the contractor for the alleged violation?

If you live in Washington, you can report any problems you have with the contractor in the Office of the Attorney General of the province or the Department of Consumer Affairs and the organization (DCRA).

Although the Attorney General does not require a single person, if you think that the company has a practice contrary to the law, investigation or lawsuit.

Are there any specific problems that arise after a flood or other disaster? What should I do about it?

Be more careful than usual with contractors who offer their services door to door. Do business with existing companies and try to get more bids than one. Do not stop taking other precautions usual because of the existence of an emergency situation. Do not pay in cash. Insists Contractors Home Repair for all government licenses and permits necessary for the implementation of this particular business, and who have relevant professional licenses.
The federal government will not help me make the necessary arrangements to fix my house after the disaster? How do I know if I’m dealing with someone in fact the government or an impostor? What other precautions should I take?

Ask for photo identification whenever the individual is an employee of the government, inspector. Do not rely on the outfit. Do not provide personal information such as social security number and bank account numbers to individuals who claim they belong to the federal government. Will inspectors from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) never ask this information. Required social security number or bank account in the first call on the hot line to join the agency. Throughout the follow-up call, to the federal representative requested the last four digits of your Social Security. Remember that the representatives of the federal or the Small Business Administration (SBA), which is not allowed to accept money under any circumstances. In addition, FEMA inspectors to assess the damage only, not hire or endorse specific contractors to fix homes or recommend repairs.

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