Finding fault location isolation

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Finding fault location isolation


The system consists of two important elements

The signal generator is attached to the conduit (typically a rectifier plant or test points CP ) and to the ground. Thus, the signal provided by the constant AC current along the conduit at 3.2 km (dependent on the quality of skin ) in any direction.

Human detector unit measures the electromagnetic field radiated from the pipe at any point in the signal reception . The detector unit is included in any point, and if the signal is present , the control unit will indicate the orientation of the pipeline and the approximate depth and distance to it. Detector unit calculates and displays the precise depth of the signal level and the precise coordinates . Operator using the keyboard puts data to be stored, then the detector unit immediately shows the level of attenuation at any previous point.

The control of isolation resistance

The control systems for insulation resistance with their integrated insulation resistance control (or UCHI) systems are used to search for insulation damage (or deterioration of its resistance) in networks with isolated neutrality (IT networks or ungrounded networks). The pofider control systems detect and recognize the test current signals generated by the UCI using current-tracking transformers.

The insulation resistance control systems allow the source of the insulation malfunction to be localized in a short and non-stop operation of the electrical installation.

The Vigilohm System is a series of Schneider Electric devices that includes permanent insulation control (PCIs) devices and damage detection and localization devices. Some of them carry out an independent measurement of the resistance to isolation in each departing chain. Vigilohm System devices can share data with a control computer or a programmable controller.

The main device of the system is a permanent insulation control device (PCI), which applies a low frequency AC voltage between the ground and the network. By measuring the resulting current, the Vigilohm system determines with high accuracy the actual value of the network’s insulation resistance and its grounding capacity. This method is applicable for networks of any type: AC, DC, straightened current, mixed, etc.

The main function associated with insulation control is the localization of damage. This function is to determine the location of the damage after it is detected. Torahs placed on the departing chains catch a signal proportional to the injected PK. This signal is transmitted to damage detection and localization devices that automatically determine the location of the damaged chain.

The distributed measurement performed by the same torses installed on the departing chains allows us to determine the resistance of isolation and capacity relative to the ground of each chain.

Using the modbus communication bus and protocol, The Vigilohm system gives all measurements, information and events to the control pc, allowing the dispatcher to know the level of network insulation and controlled circuits, as well as the state of the system. A control pc (or programmable controller) can display information to a printer, allowing you to record all events on the network in writing, indicating their location, date and time.

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