Finishing work in the kitchen

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Finishing work in the kitchen – Those who decided to renovate your kitchen , for a start , it is necessary to pay attention to decorating the room , as the first striking the walls, floor and ceiling , and then to the small details of the interior. So , the first where to begin repairs, finishing it in the kitchen. Until recently, no questions about repairs in the kitchen did not arise, since everything was the same : to ceiling , linoleum on the floor , on the wall tiles, washable wallpaper or oilcloth . But today, the building materials market has a huge variety of different coatings .

That’s where the main question : what to choose to repair the apartment ? You can give some advice – finishing material must be practical , aesthetic and durable, as well as fit in texture and color to the entire interior design .

Of course, the selection of finishing material should be taken with great responsibility, since the walls all the time will be subject to various influences such as moisture and vapor . Since cleaning the kitchen is carried out very often, the surface of walls must endure wet cleaning detergents causing no consequences. For kitchen areas that are more prone to adverse factors , special finishes, and other areas of the kitchen can be finished to your taste , returning to their own preferences . If you are – still have decided to entrust this kind of work professionally , be sure to first ask for a price list for finishing work.

Most used in the degree of contact surface is a floor that gets dirty and needs frequent washing . That is why it should be waterproof coating , as well as easy to clean. Considered to be the most practical ceramic tile, which is particularly relevant for small kitchens , as it is able to emphasize geometric strengths and hide weaknesses premises .

Its only drawback is that when dropped from a heavy object , may cause cracking . As everyone knows linoleum, which has many advantages – not only did he become Bole varied , but has a maximum practicality.

More sophistication will have stone slabs – a living material that is not afraid of no water , no fire, no strikes solid objects . Most rarely used batten and stainless steel , suitable for any particular style .

To finish the walls were more likely to use the ceiling tiles , panels, and other suspended structures . The most ideal material considered suspended ceilings, which are made of heavy-duty vinyl. They do not crack , do not burn or support combustion , do not absorb odors and do not constitute the condensate .

Finishing work in the kitchen

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