Fireplace in your home types of Fireplaces

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Fireplace in your home types of Fireplaces – Hearth fireplace ancient times in many nations were the center of the home. Has not lost its importance and fire at the moment. Spend your free time with friends or family around the fireplace , enjoying a game of flames . Not surprisingly, many owners of country houses tend to have around the fireplace. However, this inevitably raises several questions: how to choose a fireplace ? What are the different types of fireplaces ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of fireplaces ?

The most common type fireplaces are open fireplaces . These fireplaces have existed in ancient times . Even in ancient Rome used for heating open fireplaces .
Open fireplace not only creates the conditions for recreation, but also capable of fast enough to heat the room. This property is used in its suburban homes, where people come to relax on weekends. Here fireplace is often used in combination with furnace . While the oven is heated , fireplace warms the room. The oven begins to give warmth to the room . However, the efficiency of an open fire is very low, less than 15% and , therefore, in our climate it is not advisable to use for permanent space heating . In addition, a lot of fire consumes wood. Although I know of one case where my client , which I have put a fireplace , for several years of heated space , in which he lived and winter by the fireplace.

To improve the efficiency of open fireplace make it double walls between which circulates air . Proceeding through the holes in the bottom of the fireplace , it is heated by contact with the heated inner wall (actually the furnace wall ) and goes into the room through a hole in the top of the fireplace. Efficiency can be further improved by spreading the inner wall of the furnace , brick on edge . For masonry walls of the furnace used fireclay bricks .

Closed fireplaces . Structurally fireplace is no different from the open , just insert closing doors with glass. Door allows JavaScript to regulate air flow , and therefore the combustion mode . In addition, indoor fireplace has a greater fire safety.

Fireplace in your home types of Fireplaces

Closed fireplace inserts ( fireplace cassettes) . Fireplaces made ​​on the basis of factory production fireplace inserts are a highly heating designs. Modern fireplace inserts market presents a huge variety of products of different companies differ in capacity, dimensions, design. For fireplace inserts are typical high efficiency and economical use of fuel. One sized fire can burn up to 10-12 hours. This is achieved by regulating combustion mode . Furthermore, on the basis of fireplaces fireplace inserts allow a divorce warm air into other rooms. One such fire is able to heat the premises with an area of over 100 sqm Their disadvantage is that they do not accumulate heat and heated air in the room until stoked .

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