Floor tiles in the steam room

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Can I put tile on the floor of the steam room? What better to choose? What adhesive to strengthen? Now I have the rough floor boards of 50 mm. To begin with, in the steamy use tile not all reviews since all prefer different temperature regimes, and this means that tile can get very hot. To check whether you are comfortable with the tile in the steam room-put in regular one tile in the steam room, then try to become at her bare feet. If it is OK, then you can safely put the floor from this material.

In the sweating usually arrange the floor of wooden boards, which are located from each other at a short distance. Gaps between boards need to when washing water flowed in a special pit. If you decide to use floor tiles in the sauna room, it must be laid with a slight slope. The slope gradient should organize water discharge into sewers. The process is not complex, and not expensive. However, do not miss the Organization now is very important. Otherwise, all the water will remain indoors, not finding the exit. Thus, moisture will build up indoors, spoil the finish, there will be a fungus, corrosion. To eliminate this phenomenon is not so simple. This is why you should carefully consider the arrangement of sex in the bath. When laying tiles, choose products with a rough surface. They are more secure during operation and less slippery.

Floor tiles in the steam room

Before you put the tiles, reviews make a coupler to tile better rested. To do this, you can pluck from the rough floor boards. Or, if the floor well dry and securely fastened to lags, it can be good, then make coupler and stick to it.

You can take a sheet of LSU, attach it with screws to the boards sub-floor, edges, put a rolled waterproofing, lay edge to expand , and then glue the tiles.

On the selection of tiles-take the one that doesn’t slip and not afraid of temperature fluctuations. Glue take better one which is designed for wet environments.

Tile baths shall meet the following quality standards and technical features:

low moisture absorption rate;
smooth geometry shape;
sharpen the picture;
high performance thermal resistance;
It is advisable to use a tile with a rough surface. On smooth tile very easily slip.

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