Front loading washer repair

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Front loading washer repair

Your front load washer does not give you satisfaction ?

Your white is not white? It releases odors ? etc .

Maybe something you’re there. First, always use a soap HE ( High Efficiency ) as a regular soap foam much , so it will leave more soap residue in the external tank and the door seal , which is conducive to the creation of odors. It could also damage your washer long term. Wash quality will be lower and could leave the white tissues rather greyish.

A little trick .leave the door ajar and periodically wipe the gasket seal around the opening. This will help counter the unpleasant odors.

Another option available to you . There is on the market for large pellets occasionally clean your washer. You can use a tablet , choosing a long wash with warm water , without adding or clothing or soap. Some front washers have a “cleanup” that you can use with these pellets cycle. This product also leaves a fresh smell in your washer.

You must be honest with your washer , if you want a good result . Most people are in a hurry , so instead of choosing a suitable cycle for white clothes, about 50 minutes, depending on the device , so they choose a shorter cycle , for example, ” delicate “, which has a cycle about 35 minutes. The error is there, your clothes with spots appear and you will be disappointed with your white clothes .

Your washer is smart . Be smart by choosing appropriate cycle for your laundry. Your washer decide the washing time , temperature of water, the number of rinsing , etc .

You can add yourself, depending on the device , a prewash or extra rinse . You can also change the amount of dirt , it will add the washing time of course, but you will have better results .

Front loading washer repair

Energy consumption , waste water concerns you . Do not be made ​​, even if the cycle is longer, your front load washer uses less electricity and water than the good old traditional washers .

Maybe everything will not always be perfect, but you can improve your laundry , just by changing some of your habits .

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