Furnace Repair

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Furnace Repair

Modern apartment buildings are being built with central heating, and their inhabitants this section of the book is not needed. But it will be useful to those who live in houses heated by a variety of stoves that burn wood , coal , peat and other fuels . Fuel consumption and efficiency of its use is largely dependent not only on the design of the furnace , but also on the health of all its parts – the furnaces, chimneys and chimney. That is why we consider it useful , if only briefly talk about their repairs.

Fold the new furnace – it specialist masonry , but the current repair you can do on its own. Most often the repair furnace start talking when it begins to smoke , that is thrust was insufficient. And this is happening , or because of the soot in the chimney of the tube, or by the formation of cracks and fissures in the masonry joints . The accumulation of soot in the chimney flues shall be interpreted and not only leads to burnout of fuel, but also threatens to fire. It should also be borne in mind that the soot layer 3 mm thick by half reduces the heat furnace. Therefore, the furnace and the chimney must be systematically read , dropping into the pipe circuit , wire come with a pole attached to the end of the cloth or beggar . Furthermore, there are chemical substances that burning fuel together with absorb a significant part of carbon black . Such means include, in particular , rock salt .

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Sometimes the oven begins to smoke with the onset of the rainy and cold weather . This means that the thickness of the walls of the chimney is not enough , they dampen and freeze passing by him gases cool ” pull deteriorating and oven smokes . To address this shortcoming, it is recommended to plaster the pipe to increase the thickness of the walls.

Furnace Repair

Another reason for poor performance furnace – cracks and crevices on its surface or in the chimney. The cold air coming through the cracks (especially if they are above the firebox ) is not participating in the burning heat consuming and degrades the draft. As a result, fuel burns poorly and oven smokes . The slots are dangerous and to fire on . For glossing over cracks in the masonry oven , a conventional clay solution , but it needs to prepare carefully , as too fat , too skinny , and the solution will inevitably result in new cracks . To make a more flexible solution , it was added milled asbestos fiber . Furnace door is recommended to coat such a composition , and the doors can be strengthened vyushechnye ordinary clay mortar .

Clay mortar for masonry stoves is composed of clay and sand in the ratio of 1 volume fraction of clay by 1-3 or more shares of sand , depending on the fat content of clay. The normal solution does not crack and firmly connects the bricks , bold solution strongly cracks , thin solution does not provide a strong bond .

Clay solution to asbestos can have such composition ( volume fraction ) : clay – 1 , 1 cement , sand – 2 and asbestos – 0.1 . Clay bred until creamy state . Cement , sand, asbestos and mixed until a homogenous powder and then mixed with a sodium clay. If the repair of the furnace , particularly chimneys and pipes have to replace cracked or burnt bricks , then proceed as follows . By removing the damaged brick , the place where he lay , thoroughly clean stubborn clay and dust liberally moistened with water , and as usual , prepare the bed, that is, put a layer of clay mortar to the lower horizontal row of masonry. To fill the vertical joints of the upper and the solution is applied to the new brick and put it into place. Before smearing clay brick to dip into the water.

In the case of a large number of vertical cracks on the stove or chimney flues , to try to pull off the cracked part of the wire. To do this, a chisel from corner to corner making a series of horizontal grooves having a depth of 1.5-2 cm and it is wrapped with a soft ( oven ) with iron wire . Then, using a thick nail or barb wire harness the resulting wound in one or two places , and the groove daubed with clay mortar . After drying, the clay solution on the surface of the embedded field can be plastered with clay mortar with asbestos. Common methods of repairing plaster described in the relevant section . Oven plastered on a hot surface , ie, when it is well protoplasts .

Lime kiln paint or glue ( Cretaceous ) paints are usually white in a completely dried surface. To make lime paint does not get dirty , lime putty is recommended to dilute with water or skim milk with the addition of 75-100 grams of salt in a bucket of paint. Chalk paint adhesive is prepared as described in the section on painting walls. To remove the yellowness pobelochnogo composition, it is administered diluted in water blue dye ( ultramarine ) . Whitewash made ​​in two layers with intermediate drying of the first layer .

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