General information about the foam glass

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General information about the foam glass

Foam glass ( cellular glass , foam glass) – this is a highly porous inorganic insulation cellular material obtained by sintering finely ground glass and a blowing agent , reminiscent in structure to a solid lather .

The cells are spherical or hexagonal shape , their size can range from fractions of a millimeter to centimeter. Material color from light cream to black, usually greenish- gray . Depending on the glass composition and impurities , foam glass can take almost any color.

When the average cell diameter 2 mm thickness of the cell walls varies in the range from 20 to 100 microns. The porosity of different kinds of foam glass ranges from 80 to 95 %.
The raw materials used in the manufacture of foamed glass molten glass , which can be welded from the following starting materials : quartz sand , limestone, soda and sodium sulphate .
You can also use waste glass production – Glass fight, so the issue is solved in parallel recycling of glass and broken glass .
As the blowing agent used ( % by weight of glass )
• Anthracite – 1.5 … 2% ;
• coke – 2 … 3 % ;
• semi- peat ;
• limestone or marble chips – 1 … 1.5 % ;
• lamp black – 0.2 … 0.5 % ;
• dolomite .
Low decomposition gasifier should be 50-70 ° C above the softening temperature of the glass powder.

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