Generator repair 2107

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Generator repair 2107

In this post I ‘ll walk repair of the generator 2107 . For repairs we need a bearing puller for compaction , the mandrel for driving in the rear bearing of the generator and a punch to remove the front bearing generator. Procedure:

1. Remove the socket wrench pulley nut and fan holding the generator rotor from turning by using a screwdriver .
2 . Remove the alternator pulley shaft , impeller , woodruff key and spacers .
3 . Remove the relay voltage regulator releasing the two screws and removing the connector .
4 . Now pull the voltage regulator with the brush assembly of the generator.
5 . Remove the socket wrench 10 four nuts generator cover and remove the bolts.
6. Abut the front cover of the generator on a block of wood and helping tapping the generator shaft with a hammer , remove the front cover of the generator stator .
7. Remove the cover from the generator and the remote plug .
8. Check the condition of the front bearing generator. To do this, holding the cover of the generator , and wiggle and turn the bearing itself , but rather its inner ring . If the bearing has excessive play or broken , it must be replaced.

Generator repair 2107
9. To replace a faulty bearing an 8 mm wrench remove the four screws securing the bearing.
If the nuts do not want to turn away , then you need to cut the ends of the bolts raskernennye . After installing the new bolts and tighten the ends must also be unstake .
10 . We take out the bolts and remove the washer bearing mounting of the generator.
11. We select a suitable frame and knocks her bearing.
12. Take two pieces of wood , they Abut edge of the back cover and with their soft metal punch knock out of its rotor. If you have damaged the surface of covers , then treat the surface , using a range of abrasive .
13. Check the technical state of the rear bearing of the generator is described in paragraph 8.
14. If the bearing needs to be replaced , remove it from the rotor , using for this  puller .
15. Using the hex key 8 mm with extension , remove the three nuts diode unit generator and the coil.
16. Remove the two screws and pull the stator of the generator cover . Stator winding should not be damaged. If there is damage to the coil as a result of mechanical stress and overheating , it requires replacement of the stator winding or rewinding .
17. Remove the socket wrench nut O “30” of the generator and washer made ​​of insulating material.
18. Now you can remove the block from the diodes.
19. Using a Phillips screwdriver , loosen the screw and remove the condenser . From the cover of the generator , do not forget to remove the third bolt that secures the rectifier unit .

After disassembly of the generator 2107 , check the stator and rotor by means of a control lamp on integrity, as described in this article.
Repair of generator 2107 with their hands so that you can make without resorting to electrics . That will save you a lot of money.

Generator assembly 2107 .

1. Before you start assembling the generator , clean the parts of the generator from dirt , dust , blow air from the compressor. Metal parts are best washed with petrol.
2 . With the mandrel equal to the diameter of the inner race of the bearing, press them a new bearing on the rotor .
3 . Pick up a generator cover and inspect the bearing position . They must not be harmed . Cracked lid necessarily be replaced with new ones. In the rest of the generator assembly is performed in the reverse order . In this generator repair 2107 with his own hands can be considered to be finished .

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