Grill or barbecue from a brick

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The appearance of the brick barbecues led to the formation in the garden landscape secondary zone-zone cooking barbecue. Typically, this area is a private area, a stone-paved, equipped with light furniture, covered canopy and executed live Greens. In fact, such kind of gazebo. And on one side sits a brick barbecue, sophisticated design, which fits not only a hotbed with skewers, Grill and spit and electric rotation and skewers and skewer, but cooking stove, oven, tandoor, Smokehouse and other fixtures. Highlighted here and places for firewood and food racks, fireplace accessories and tableware. Often there are even and cutting table and built-in sink with taps and drain indicated, as well as a minibar and a fridge.

Argentine Grill and Brick BBQ Smoker Time Lapse

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