Heating appliances stationary electric heating

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Heating appliances stationary electric heating

Among the stationary electric heaters heating at present there are three groups: electric convectors , ceiling long- panel and cable heating systems (another name – the system “warm floor “).

The most familiar and are traditional electric convectors . They just warmed the cold air , which through its motion for air convection in the room. These devices are attached to the wall with screws or a special frame . They represent a metal cover 20 – 40 cm in height, inside which there is a low-temperature heating element . Heaters may have a different capacity, which ranges from 500 watts to 2.5 kilowatts, the power of the heater depends on the length of the instrument. Since warm air always rises, mount heaters are better as close to the floor.

An entirely different principle of operation is used in the long-wave plates. It is the use of such devices allows to align the air temperature adjustment in the room. This is made possible thanks to the fact that the thermal radiation from the long panels are not absorbed by the air , and almost all of the energy from them reaches the heated surfaces . That’s why using long-wave panel can significantly save on energy consumption and reduce heating costs flat in comparison to other types of heaters. According to long-wave panel design – a device inside which is a heating element . On one side panel has a special coating which ensures maximum heat radiation from the surface and the other side is a heat-insulating layer and the attachment system to the ceiling panel . However, more long-wave panel used in large areas ( warehouses , industrial premises ) , in residential homes people may feel uncomfortable due to the increased thermal pressure .

However, if you do not want to heat the ceiling , you can heat the floor. The system “warm floor ” is already well established in the Russian market . When you mount a floor mounted a special cable that heated, and transfers the heat to the floor surface. Thus due to the uniform coating of the fibers with a slight rise in temperature – just a few degrees . In this warm air heats the first leg , gradually rising up. This ensures maximum comfort for the person.

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