Heating country house

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using a set of MASTER KIT ” 4-channel microprocessor-based timer , thermostat , clock » NM8036

I applied a set of NM8036 for heating a country house. I is in the boiler , but the use of a heating circuit for all the floors did not produce a good result : the upper floor was warm (even hot) , on the ground floor and in the basement was much cooler.

I decided to apply the three-loop heating scheme for each floor and separate adjustment of heat supply .

Heating country house

As the heated substance I used the hot water supplied from the boiler for space heating. Total used three independent heating circuits for each floor . Management (open – close) valves that open hot water 65 degrees. With the heating system , carried out by a given program of the microprocessor timer NM8036. DS1820 sensors are mounted on the floor of each floor and in the oven . Channel Five ( and sensor ) prohibits the inclusion of any valves and pumps in the oven until the water reaches a temperature of 65 degrees. S. Sixth Channel Launches circulation pump circuits floor in an oven at a temperature of 65 degrees. C and stops at 30 degrees. With a stove.

Heating country house

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