Hints and tips on caring for a computer monitor

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Hints and tips on caring for a computer monitor –¬†Fraught with failure than a computer monitor ? Rules care. Recommendations for cleaning and purging monitor. Means for cleaning the screen. Preventive care for your monitor . Recommendations to extend the life of the device.

There is the following axiom is much more profitable to prevent some damage , rather than be given remedial consequences. This is very useful for computer monitors , because when such a costly peripherals breaks in 70 % of cases it can not be restored .

Usage is not pleasant but appear guilty other than the user , no. Because of what ? Because the lion’s share of users simply do not pay attention to monitor the required minimum . Many carefully take care of the system unit or the video card . However, if you damage the screen in any case not be able to use a computer.

1. Simple rules for the care

Primarily monitor needs in a timely and proper cleaning . Dust should be cleaned every day , not once a week. The display has a very sensitive cloth , forcing to act with extreme caution , you can not push hard on the screen. If you whisk dust slightly damp , lint-free cloth , it will be enough .

For more serious cleaning cloth is usual is not enough, as well as other ” assistants” means (in particular, alcohol !) . To ensure a longer lifetime of the monitor should be cleaned only by using its special formulation. It can be wet wipes that are designed just for this purpose , or gels and sprays that are supplied with dry cloth. Also suitable high quality microfiber with antistatic properties.

There should also be vigilant in order not to buy under the guise of a means to monitor something to clean the cabinet . Such means are not suitable for cleaning the screen , while the monitor means can also be cleaned and the body . However, it is impractical , because the funds for housing will cost you less , and instead of them , a regular soap Vodicka .

Wipe the screen should be very lightly , carrying a circular motion , starting from the center and gradually moving towards the corners . We should all , including the AC adapter , disconnect .

2 . Means for preventing maintain monitor in excellent condition

Initially have to worry about the vents , which are located on the rear panel. Here cloth , even the best for cleaning will not work. Necessary several times a month to take a vacuum cleaner equipped with a nozzle for the crevice , turn its mode to ” blow “, then a few seconds to blow dust from the case. This should keep the nozzle at a distance of about palm of ventilation grille .

Hints and tips on caring for a computer monitor

It is also necessary to choose the “right” place for such equipment ; monitors worst tolerate direct sunlight. In the first place it is harmful to the user, because the surface of the display will shine too , so after a while, his eyes redden and simply as if filled with sand .

Besides UV is also detrimental to the screen itself , as it is capable of destroying not only the material of the screen , but its electronic structure . It is fraught with the destruction of the protective layer of the original monitor. Subsequently, the entire system unusable .

In addition there is a nuance . Although in the system unit has a separate ventilation system , but the thermal radiation coming from the body , is very significant , in particular in relation to the monitor. It’s clear that the system unit can not be set very far away from the display. However, you should try to ensure that the maximum distance oh . The more distance between them, the lifespan of the monitor will be longer .

However, it is applicable not only for the system unit , but other heat sources such as radiators , television or refrigerator . You can either order new cables from the manufacturer , or install a system unit and monitor at various levels. Since the air is always colder than the bottom , you need to install the display about a meter above .

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