home electrical wiring fault finding

home electrical wiring fault finding In the category home appliance repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about home electrical wiring fault finding.

home electrical wiring fault finding


For the rapid detection and troubleshooting home electrical useful to have at the ready LED voltage on it said above, I control the light bulb , which is not * hard to do. Normal cartridge attached to the two wires 25-30 cm , trimmed free ends for 1 to 2 cm and wrapped with insulating tape. In the cartridge can be fitted to most low-power bulb.

All home electrical failure can be reduced to three reasons: 1) the apartment is not an electric current , and 2) there is no contact or poor contact current conductors , and 3 ) a random connection of conductors to each other ( short circuit) .

1. When a device does not work when you turn , you should check whether the current is fed into the apartment. It’s enough to include other consumer power , such as a light bulb . If your home network several groups of fuses , it is advisable to include different groups of consumers , which certainly point to the absence of a current at the input to the apartment.

To be sure , the current being supplied to apartment visor , you must unscrew the plug and fasten the clips and remove the cover from the fuse of a group and touch the ends of the wires to the terminals of the lamp control , leading to the outside. If the warning lamp lights up , it means the current flows from the external network . At the same time check the plug. For the total they need to be screwed ( not yet put the lid ) and the first lamp wire transfer to the other terminal of the fuse. If the lamp lights in this – the fuse is OK . Likewise, test and other preservatives. Finding burnt cork, they are replaced correctly.

Never replace a blown fuse “bugs” in the form of a shapeless tangle of wire, nails or other metal object , such as the replacement sooner or later will lead either to a fire or an accident on the external network . When repairing the tube as the fuse can only use one wire – vein of conventional electric cord SHRPL . It can withstand the load of 5 A , then at a voltage of 127 V in the apartment you can light up to 8 bulbs , 75 watts each, and at a voltage of 220 V – 14, such as light bulbs.

If the current is fed into the apartment , and the device does not work, the outlet to turn the unit in good condition that you believe (for example, a table lamp ) . If the light does not turn on, the wall socket . In the socket often a breakdown in communication wires. This “disease” suffer socket with internal wiring. They often become loose and their contact with the wires is broken.

2 . Poor contact – is not only a complete break in the wire . It can cause dirt , which appeared between the joined ends , oxides that are poorly or does not allow an electric current. Due to poor contact wires can heat up. Such a phenomenon is often observed, for example , when the plug pins are firmly enough in the slot outlet. As a result of outlet is heated so much that illuminates the wire insulation ( usually in such cases there is a smell of burning rubber ) . To repair remove the tube , remove the socket, also check the indicator of the lack of current on its contacts .

Socket is attached to the socket legs that when screwing the screws expand and run into the clip slots and thus fix the socket. If  screw does not fix the socket, under the presser foot to put a gasket , the best of thick cardboard . Pull your contacts with wires, strip the end of the plug sockets blade screwdriver , gently crimp them with pliers.

It also happens that the wire , especially aluminum , broken off , and the free end is not enough for contact with the terminal . The only way – lengthen the wire , but it should be done not by twisting the wires , but with a bolt and washers. The wires are bent and clamped loop between the washers with nuts screwed . Imp wire must be of the same material as the core . Aluminium wire with copper combined bad. Screwed in this way the wire should be well insulated. Renovated outlet to check before you put the lid on it . To do this, screw the plug and plug your device, tap the contact sockets .

In switches eliminate poor contact  contact screws .  If the contact unit has lost elasticity or spring broke, the switch should be replaced . In the lamp socket contact can not be broken only at the terminals of fixing the wires , but also between the contact surfaces of the bulb and socket. The stubborn refusal of the new light bulbs are often explained by this . To eliminate the current shortage of off switch ( or remove the plug ) , remove the cartridge casing , check the indicator of current contacts wirelessly. Slightly bend the then central and lateral blades , collect chuck , screw the light bulb.

3 . And another reason to fault the house wiring – it is a short circuit , ie, the connection of two bare wires electrical circuit. It usually occurs at the moment when the appliance to the network and is often accompanied by a characteristic clicking or arcing in circuit. The instrument must be immediately disconnected from the network and find a place circuit. Not yet established the cause of fault , replace the blown fuse is useless. Often, a short circuit is obtained in the electric heating appliances, switches and plug sockets, plugs, lamp socket , etc. ( In the switch , it can not happen , because it introduces two ends of the same cable) .

Faults call most often explained by a bad connection of wires in a call or push-button . After removing the cover , you need to check the strength of attachment of wires to the terminals at the same time useful to clean up the wires and joints. Check the function of the buttons can be hooked wires in addition to the button. Veli call work, faulty button . Proulx . Jin button should provide good contact lie to you . Her firmness can be adjusted  . Element to the ” three hairdo I button – the device cheap, so it is best for failure to lure new . Sometimes the bell does not ring because the distance between the but . argument and hammer vibrator or too much, or not at all . In this case, the bell a little turn , loosening the screw. If it does not help , you need to bend your arm vibrator.

Fluorescent dumps are often used by amateurs for lighting the home workshop, garage , outbuildings , desk , etc. With all the advantages of fluorescent lamps in use sometimes glitch , and troubleshooting become a real puzzle. This is due to the large number of elements that form a chain of fluorescent lamps .

Thus , the lamp does not light up . Try turning it slightly in the holders to ensure good contact . If does not work, insert a pre -tested the lamp. In the faulty bulb at the ends , from housing electrodes and luminescent coating , sometimes you can see the burnt coil electrode. Starter can cause the lamp , the slow start and complete exclusion . It is recommended to replace after changing every two lamps. Check the wiring connections at the bulb holder, starter and choke . If these checks do not help , replace the throttle.

It will be appreciated that fluorescent lamps are very sensitive to ambient temperature. The best light output is provided at an ambient temperature of 20-25 ° C. With decreasing temperature, the light output will drop sharply and the wind blowing at work lamps can dramatically violated. All this must be taken into account when installing the lamps in an unheated room or on the street.

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