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The apartment met us in a position not too “fresh” repair requiring rework . The living area is on the 9th floor of the brick house built in the late 90 ‘s, which are just more likely to be the subject of repair of apartments . built up with several options of apartment layouts , a feature of this is that in addition to the rooms in the presence of a small balcony with access from the kitchen.

The apartment owners – the people and fans of contemporary views of complex geometry in the interior. Therefore, one of their requests was a dream come true for multi-level ceilings with lighting, which we did after the agreement form and lighting options .

Let’s start from the beginning. First was dismantled old wall and floor , laminate former left much to be desired, as in the previous repair used building materials economy class, not sustained operating conditions. Replaced by triple-pane windows . Partially redone wiring, instituted new lines that provide lighting ceiling systems and other lighting devices .

Specialists work with plasterboard on the sketches , agreed with the customer has been created a two-tier ceiling system , equipped with both spotlights and LED lighting, which creates the effect of “floating ” ceiling.

One of the walls painted by an artist friend landlords . To enhance the effect of the wall with drawing the strings with lamps, accentuating the unusual wall.

Home Improvement

Appartment , on the one hand, by dividing the floor area a variety of materials – granite in the kitchen area , the German laminate 32 classes in the living room area . On the other hand , common areas highlighted by alternating the same wallpaper and a unified concept of two-level ceilings with lighting.

On the border of the kitchen and a living space is rather low light descends . There will then be placed a small bar, which is convenient for breakfast.

Son – room student translucent wall  divided functionally into a recreation area and a small office. The window is the desktop , next – under cabinet hardware. The ceiling is decorated combination of drywall and stretch canvases in the contrasting color combination . It visually lifts the ceiling,  lighting gives a soft light and even more emphasizes its unusual shape.

The apartment owners have decided not to install the door in the doorway separating the foyer and hall leading to the living room . These two auxiliary premises combines arch made ​​of plasterboard. The opening for the door to the living room expanded installed double doors with frosted glass inserts , which blends in with the color of laminate flooring in the foyer and hallway.

All colors apartment is made in soft colors – sand , pale pink and shades of coffee with milk – these are the colors of the walls and floors that are not stale over time and are a classic in interior design .

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