Home maintenance

Home maintenance In the category Household repairs Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about Home maintenance.

Home maintenance

Owning a home is the biggest investment for most people. Well maintained and protects and increases the value of the house. This section will help you identify and resolve small issues before they become serious and costly problems . The maintenance process begins when you think you should take preventive measures , contains a set of basic tools, you know about cleaning products and learn how to organize where you can keep all of this to find it easily. Internal maintenance include : household systems ( heating, air conditioning system , plumbing and electricity ) , and the end of Accessories walls, floors , furniture, and appliances. Maintenance includes external : Enterprise , and the walls and ceiling , and landscaping . There are other aspects that affect the value of the property or increase the fun for those who live in it. These include : Home safety and conservation practices and environmental protection , pest control , and improved access and movement within the home for people with disabilities .

Interior home maintenance
Recommendations for preventive maintenance of the house
A basic set of tools
The selection and use of household cleaning products
Discover the secrets to properly store
Care furnace or boiler
Ceiling fireplace and chimney care at home
Evaporative coolers
Air conditioners
Ceiling Fans

Home maintenance

Sort toilets clogged sinks
How to activate Stopped toilet
How to fix a leaky faucet
Electrical systems
How to reset the circuit breaker
How to replace the fuse
Household appliances
How to buy a device that uses the energy efficiency
Choose water heater
Care and cleaning of the dishwasher or electric dishwasher
Care and cleaning dishes
Care and cleaning of the refrigerator
Care and cleaning of food waste disposers
Cleaning and Care stove and oven
Cooler care
Care and cleaning of small household appliances
Care and cleaning of the device
When you buy a new carpet
Care and carpet cleaning
Care and cleaning wood floors
Care and cleaning ceramic tile floors
Cleaning and maintenance vinyl flooring
Selecting and applying paint
Selection and clean wallpaper decor
Repair walls
Furnishing your new home : the color and design
How to choose fabrics home
Exterior home maintenance
Exterior home
Foundations , basements and gardens
Exterior walls , windows and doors
Manual ceilings
Roof Maintenance
Garden and lawn care
Rationalize the use of water in gardens
How can water your lawn
Homeland Security
Make your home a safer place for children
Safe is your home from fire ?
Fire protection : fire alarms save lives
Alarms to detect carbon monoxide ( CO )
Are your children safe from toxins ?
Protect your home from the elements : the use of the dam g
Tips to save money and protect the planet
How to avoid air leaks around windows
Heating and Air Conditioning to maximize energy
Tips for keeping water inside the house
Tips for keeping water on the outer surface of the housing
Environmental issues
Green or sustainable buildings
Limit – Reuse – Recycle : Alternatives for Waste Management
How to create a recycling center in your home
Healthy indoor air from New Mexico
How to remove mold in your home
Household hazardous waste
Household hazardous materials : alternatives ” that are relatively ” toxic effects
Pest Control
Control cockroaches
Southwest of insects
How to make life easier at home
Make changes to your home to enjoy for years
Loss of sight and hearing
Problems with touch and manual skill
Cognitive problems
Constraints on the move

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